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    Video: Even Koenigsegg drivers use coat hangers when they lock themselves out

    There are but a few certain universal truths. Among them: locking yourself out of your own vehicle sucks. That fact is accurate whether your keys are sitting in the ignition of your '89 Ford Escort or your Koenigsegg CCR. Just ask the owner of this particular Swedish supercar. While at a track ...

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    Edo Competition does its thing with Evo magazine's Koenigsegg

    Already one of the fastest cars on the road, the Koenigsegg CCR is not the first that'd spring to mind when thinking of rides that could use some additional tuning. It's already got 816 horsepower, after all, and can top out at around 245 miles per hour. What more could you want? Well, that was ...

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    Video: Switzer-tuned Nissan GT-R takes on Koenigsegg CCR

    Koenigsegg CCR Evolution vs. the Swtizer P800 Nissan GT-R – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Mindless entertainment should still be entertaining, and the runway supercar shootouts posted by the folks at always deliver. This time it's two races pitting an 800-horsepower ...


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