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If you ask us, the whole "anything-ageddon" craze that has permeated the news networks is getting a bit old. Take last year's "Carmageddon," which turned a 10-mile Los Angeles freeway closure into a two month-long, End of Days-style scare-fest. By the time the dreaded weekend arrived, the entire ordeal turned out to be a whole lot of nothing.


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Scott Sklar, over at Renewable Energy Access, synthesizes three recent polls that ask Americans their opinions on energy and how it affects them. His point is that the three polls, when taken together, show an "American consensus" on energy attitudes. The New York Times/CBS News, Reuters and Pew Research took the polls, which were conducted or released in April. The highlights, as far as green driving is concerned, are that 90 percent think our lack of energy independence jeopardizes national se

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