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10EV progress in Cayman Islands says here Wheego

When you're driving an electric vehicle on a small, tropical island, the question "What range anxiety?" comes to mind. When you're driving an EV in a place with roughly $8-a-gallon gas, then you can also ask, "No, really, why would I be driving anything else?"

8EV dealer works for seven years to bring electric cars to Cayman Islands

It turns out it is easier place to make offshore investments in the Cayman Islands than it is to buy or sell electric vehicles there. Getting electric vehicles to the Cayman Islands has been a real challenge for John Felder, president of Cayman Automotive, a dealership that has made it a mission to sell EVs like the Wheego LiFe, Think City, and Amp plug-in conversions.

6Amp's plan to sell electric Mercedes-Benz in Cayman islands runs into roadblocks

In March, Amp Electric Vehicles announced it had signed a memorandum of understanding with U-Go Stations Cayman to bring its converted all-electric Mercedes-Benz ML to the Caribbean islands. Turns out, the gas-less powertrain is causing some bureaucratic headaches.

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