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    GM warns UAW and Treasury deals won't be done in time

    Not that it should come as a major shock to anyone paying attention over the last few weeks, but in a regulatory filing submitted by General Motors on Tuesday, the beleaguered automaker has admitted that it's unlikely to have acceptable deals negotiated with the either the United Auto Workers or ...

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    Fiat CEO Marchionne: "If I was a betting man, I would suggest Chrysler is going to fall into Chapter 11"

    After yesterday's Chrysler news regarding the first-lien holders and the U.S. Treasury coming to terms, we hope none of you thought the Pentastar had gotten off the see-saw. The latest tidbit comes from Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, but it comes via CAW head Ken Lewenza. According to Lewenza, ...

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    Let's Make a Deal: Chrysler, Canadian Auto Workers agree on union concessions

    The April 30th deadline to reorganize looms larger by the second, and Chrysler is scrambling to make deals that could theoretically help it stave off a bankruptcy filing next week. For that to happen. Chrysler needs to get concessions from labor unions and lenders that make the financial situation ...

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    CAW President Lewenza issues address responding to Nardelli/Lasorda letter

    The top dogs at Chrysler sent a letter to the Canadian Auto Workers union that essentially said that the automaker needed wage concessions of $19 per hour, or else it was Game Over. As a further way to apply pressure, Chrysler's letter frequently referenced the U.S. and Canadian governments as ...

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    Chrysler brass sends letter asking CAW workers for concessions. Workers burn it.

    It boils down to this: In 12 days, Chrysler's fate is likely to be sealed, one way or another. Both the United States and Canadian federal governments have told the automaker that in order to get continued funding, it must restructure dramatically. After consulting with his task force on the auto ...

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    REPORT: Fiat's Marchionne says Chrysler deal odds are 50-50; warns unions to cut costs

    With the clock ticking down on Chrysler's restructuring deadline from the Obama administration, Fiat's CEO, Sergio Marchionne is getting blunt: Cut costs, or else.According to Reuters, unless the United Auto Workers and Canadian Auto Workers agree to cut labor costs within the two weeks leading up ...

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    Tuesday deadline for Chrysler Canada to make CAW deal

    After declaring that the deal GM struck with the Canadian Auto Workers union wasn't nearly good enough, Chrysler has threatened to pull out of Canada if cannot come to an agreement with the CAW by Tuesday, March 31. Making matters even more pressing is the fact that the Canadian government has set ...

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    Worker standoff at Chrysler supplier plant ends

    Remember the worker standoff at Aradco, the Canadian supplier of engine mounts to Chrysler? The automaker had said that the dispute would need to be settled by the end of the week – that would be today, of course – and that's exactly what has happened. According to Canadian Driver, an ...

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    REPORT: Chrysler considering pulling out of Canada

    According to The Canadian Press, Chrysler may elect to pull all manufacturing operations out of Canada if it cannot come to an agreement with the Canadian Auto Workers by month's end. The embattled automaker is looking negotiating with the CAW in part to reduce wages from an average of $76 to $57, ...

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    Rally 'round the family: Ford backs up Chrysler's "weak" assessment of new CAW contract

    GM just ratified an agreement with the Canadian Auto Workers union, and as soon as it did, Chrysler blasted it for being "weak." Chrysler's complaint was that the CAW didn't offer enough concessions to bring production costs into line with market realities. Now Ford has piped up in Chrysler's ...

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    GM Canada workers approve contract concessions

    The Canadian Auto Workers union has ratified a new contract with General Motors that should help substantially reduce the automaker's operating costs in Canada. The template of the agreement is very similar to the one reached here in the U.S. between Ford and the UAW recently. CAW said 87% of its ...

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    Ontario Lotto apologizes for giving away imported cars

    Ontario, Canada has been hit hard by the crash of the automotive market. The region's once healthy automotive plants are being hit with shift reductions and plant closures, while the remaining union workers are seeing benefits and wages slashed, all the while insurance premiums increase. Given the ...

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    CAW concessions could pave way for Canadian GM bailout

    Reuters reports that the Canadian Auto Workers leadership and General Motors Canada have agreed on a set of union concessions that, if approved by CAW members, could clear the way for both the Canadian federal and Ontario local governments to furnish the cash-starved automaker with billions more in ...

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    CAW ready to talk with Detroit 3 before gov't deadline, willing to deal

    Detroit automakers are frantically working to cut costs in an effort to stay out of bankruptcy court. A very big piece of the puzzle is labor, and leaders from the Canadian Auto Workers Union are reportedly ready and willing to make concessions. Talks are set to begin next week in advance of a ...

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    GM and CAW reach deal over truck plant closure

    In a deal designed to assuage the tensions between General Motors and the Canadian Auto Workers union, GM's new car plant in Oshawa, Ontario will gain two additional models to build. The old truck plant in the same city, though, will still close sometime in 2009. Until then, the truck plant will ...

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    Buzz Hargrove will step down early

    Buzz Hargrove, president of the Canadian Auto Workers, Canada's largest in the private sector, will step down earlier than anticipated. Hargrove wasn't expected to retire until he reached the CAW's mandatory age of 65 next year. It's tough to resist the allure of cuddling with Yorkies, Bingo every ...

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    CAW ends blockade of GM Canada headquarters

    The Canadian Auto Workers union and General Motors have been less than friendly with one another since the automaker announced it would be closing its Oshawa Truck plant, and the union promises to "fight on" despite ending a 13-day protest/blockade that prevented some 900 GM employees from going ...

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    GM may add car line to closing Canadian truck plant

    Despite rising tensions (and a lawsuit) between General Motors and the Canadian Auto Workers union, the automaker may be interested in adding a new car line at its soon-to-closed truck plant in Oshawa, Ontario. Though that plant was originally scheduled to stay open a few more years, slumping sales ...

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    GM Canada suing CAW for C$1.5 million

    Hold on to your britches folks. General Motors dealings with the Canadian Auto Workers union just took another turn for the worse. GM, like every other full-line automaker selling vehicles in the United States, has been unable to move as many pickup trucks as it had hoped since the price of gas has ...

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    CAW form blockade in front of GM Canada to protest plant closings

    The dust hasn't settled yet on General Motors' announcement that it will be closing an additional four plants, but the Canadian Auto Workers union is already foaming at the mouth. The CAW organized 30 trucks to block GM Canada's headquarters in response to the company's decision to close its Oshawa ...


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