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    Video: Mike Ryan drifts a 200,000-pound dump truck

    Some vehicles are better suited for drifting than others. Light weight, rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission make for a good hoonage platform, but that doesn't mean you couldn't get an all-wheel drive, automatic family sedan like, say, my mom's Passat into a four-wheel drift (which this ...

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    Report: Hurricane Sandy to raise prices on used cars

    The immediate impact of Hurricane Sandy was devastating, and the storm's ripple effects will continue to be felt in the weeks and months ahead as communities work to recover. One side effect becoming apparent is Sandy's influence on the used car market. According to the Detroit Free Press, the ...

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    Video: Heavy equipment playground officially makes Las Vegas the most fun place on earth

    There are driving and flying experiences for all kinds of wheeled and winged machines, but what's been missing? Obviously, a place to play with heavy machinery to relive the sandbox fantasies of one's youth. Leave it to Las Vegas to fill the void with Dig This, a giant dirt pit where anyone at ...

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    For Sale: Fourth-generation Honda Civic hatchback. Slight pest problem.

    Caterpillar-infested Honda Civic - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    For sale: One fourth-generation Honda Civic hatchback. Slightly faded red exterior paint with lots of squiggly black lines. Includes protective tent-like cover for no additional charge. Located in the Dutch city of ...

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    New chair gets filled on Ford's board

    Ford Motor Company has added some manufacturing and dealer know-how to the company's board of directors with the addition of Caterpillar Inc. group president Gerald Shaheen. Gerald's expertise also branches out to the UAW, where he got major concessions for Caterpillar in 2005. Besides Shaheen's ...

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    New standards for heavy-duty diesels means more problems

    Those looking for a glimpse into the future of light-duty diesel reliability may be interested in a new study by J.D. Power on customer satisfaction with modern heavy truck powertrains. The 2006 Heavy Duty Truck Engine/Transmission Study ranked engines from the 2004 model year by quality, ...


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