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catalytic converter

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    Report: Thieves target NYC U-Haul lots, steal 100s of catalytic converters worth nearly $400k

    Type "stolen U-Haul catalytic converter" into a search engine and you'll get scads of results on the issue sourced from local papers all over the country. Conduct that same search on vehicles in general and the results will be numbingly numerous, trucks and vans the victims in almost all of them ...

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    Ford working to prevent catalytic converter theft

    There's a container of precious metals dangling from the bottom of your car: your catalytic converter. They contain platinum, and its rising cost has caused a recent spike in converter theft, especially in the U.K. Not only does a missing cat let more pollution into the air, it also disables ...

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    Catalytic Converters: Thieves target the pod of precious metal

    Bulging in the exhaust system like a rabbit deep in the belly of a boa, the catalytic converter cleans engine fumes before they are released into the air. To the inexperienced, the oversized metal cylinder looks rather uninteresting. To a thief, it is a pod of precious metal worth nearly $200 on ...

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    My precious: Nissan's new cat cuts down on expensive metals

    Nissan has developed a new catalyst for its gasoline-powered cars that requires only half the amount of precious metals that current designs call for. The catalyst or catalytic converter is a piece of the exhaust system filled with a mix of platinum, rhodium and palladium that captures harmful ...

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    Automakers struggle with high platinum prices

    Raw materials costs are a headache for automakers worldwide, but the skyrocketing price of precious metals could escalate that headache to a migraine.The chief culprit is platinum, the preferred catalyst in automobile catalytic converters. According to Reuters, platinum futures hit $1,340 an ounce ...


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