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    Report: Libyan rebels claim Gaddafi's all-electric Fiat 500 as prize

    Libyan leader (ex-leader?) Muammar Qaddafi apparently had some unusual items in his personal collection. Rebel forces stormed his compound this week, and we now know he had a scrapbook dedicated to former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, lots of weapons and, oddly, a doorless, all-electric ...

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    Aznom and Romeo Ferraris trick out the Land Rover Defender

    Land Rover Defender by Aznom and Romeo Ferraris – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Form and function dictate the design of just about every vehicle on the market today. But if there's one that prioritizes the latter over the former, it's surely the Land Rover Defender. Produced ...

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    Alfa MiTo Kit-One from Magneti Marelli Elaborazione isn't the GTA

    Alfa Romeo MiTo Kit-One by Magneti Marelli Elaborazione – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Upon reading his own obituary, Mark Twain once famously quipped, "The report of my death was an exaggeration." Turns out, with apologies to the famous poet, that the same could be said of the ...

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    Castagna tenderizes the Fiat 500

    Calling your retrofitted little runabout a tender is apparently all the rage these days. The yacht-based theme was recently adopted by BRABUS, which paired a smart fortwo with one of its warp-enabled SLRs. Now, Castagna does the same with Fiat's retro-fied 500. In fact, this isn't the first time ...

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    Chateau Clubman: Aznom's rolling MINI wine cellar

    Click for high-res gallery of the Aznom MINI Chateau
    Mothers Against Drunk Driving are not going to like this one. Italian coachbuilder Aznom, which has previously rolled out custom MINIs like this pickup "tender", has now produced a Clubman inspired by a vintage of another sort. The Aznom MINI ...

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    Castagna Cinquino, aka another Fiat 500 with a kooky interior

    Click on the image above to see a gallery of the the Fiat 500 Castagna CinquinoNow before you write in and say this isn't a nice interior, notice we didn't say it isn't nice. It is nice. But we do think it's kooky. Castagna is all over the galaxy with its customization choices, but of late has ...

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    Aznom tunes the Fiat 500

    Click the image above to see the hi-res gallery of the Fiat 500 by Aznom So far the aristocratic tuners at Castagna have given us MINI pickups, a psycho-retro rebodied Corvette Z06 codenamed Aznom, and, uh, this thing they call the Gran Tourer Sport. For their next trick, they tackle the Fiat ...

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    Autoblog's Top 10 Coachbuilt Supercars

    Sometimes the past deserves to remain in the past, but once in a while the automotive industry reaches into its history to resurrect something worthwhile whose demise was regrettable and whose return is welcome. The return of coachbuilding is one example of an industry trend we're glad is making a ...

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    RetroVette: Castagna Aznom unveiled

    click above image for more pics of the Castagna Milano One of the most exciting recent developments in the industry, by this writer's account at least, is the re-emergence of the coachbuilding industry. Cars like the Fisker Latigo and Zagato Ferrari 575 GTZ have heralded a revival of the ...

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    Supercar ad nauseam: Castagna Aznom

    Castagna, the Milanese atelier for cars run by an architect, used the Top Marques Monaco show to debut its new supercar. Known for its work with all things Mini (check out the outlandish Mini Crossup), this is a departure for the coachbuilder that got its start in 1849, and was formerly known for ...

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    Geneva Auto Show Wrapup: Castagna tenders crossed-up MINIs

    The MINI's appeal to customizers continues know no boundaries. Witness Milanese coachbuilders Carrozzeria Castagna-- the reborn design firm responsible for the Imperial Landaulet concept we showed you last month. Among their other Geneva Motor Show concepts, Castagna introduced the ...


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