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    Double-O Uh-Oh! Ford forced to yank "Casino Royale" ad for Focus

    We bring you yet another example of people getting bent out of shape over what appears to us as innocuous advertising. This time it's Ford of Europe, which has been running a commercial for its Focus Zetec Climate model using clips from the movie Casino Royale. As we all know, Ford had great ...

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    The details (and pictures) on Bond's crashed Aston

    var digg_url = ''; We finally got to watch Casion Royale the other day and were very impressed with the new Bond – clearly a darker and more mature double-O than previous ones who were cast as cartoonish ...

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    Ford disses Toyota's lack of Bond involvement

    Each new James Bond film, in addition to being an event in and of itself, is a massive advertisement for every single branded item seen on the silver screen. Whether it's 007's Smirnoff vodka, Walther pistol, or Aston Martin automobile, each item's appearance on screen is indeed a Very Big Deal for ...

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    So you want to be a Special Agent?

    Generally, manufacturer vehicle programs are held to show the vehicles and go for a short drive. They usually feed you a boring lunch and then send you on your way, loaded with all kinds of information to sift through and find the real story. Tying into the James Bond theme and Ford's affiliation ...

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    Ford tells bidders Aston will earn $109 million

    In the week of the release of the most recent James Bond movie Casino Royale, there are reports that Ford sent information to potential buyers regarding the well being of Aston Martin. It stated that Aston is on track to sell 7,000 cars this year and will generate sales of £479m (US $912m) ...

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    The perks of product placement: Mondeo ad with 007

    Even more news on the Mondeo front. This crucial new model for Ford is getting some serious playtime, and justifiably so. It's handsome and sporty and has a lot riding on it. OK, we've seen a bazillion photos of it already, both spy and official. And we know it will play a part in the new Bond ...

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    Ford Mondeo pics officially released

    click on image to enlargeAfter pictures of a vehicle have been surreptitiously leaked onto the web ahead of their scheduled release, there's always this awkward moment when the automaker finally releases the pics officially. It's like opening up a birthday present you found stuffed in the closet a ...

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    Spy Shots: 2008 Aston Martin DBS9

    Finally, the Aston Martin DBRS9 mules are starting to resemble something James Bond would actually use to carry out international espionage. These new spy shots from Edmunds show the DBRS9, which is based on the standard DB9, with plenty of nipping and tucking going on to give the car a much more ...

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    Casino Royale trailer shows off Bond's Aston

    A new trailer for the upcoming James Bond flick Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig gives us a few quick glimpses of the Aston Martin DBRS 9 that 007 will be driving in the film. While footage of the unique DBRS 9 in the trailer is limited to about 2 or 3 seconds, we're sure the car will see much ...

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    Bond car breaks cover on cover of CAR

    While Agent 007 will hop behind the wheel of any vehicle to get away tux intact (Ford Mondeo, Bulldozer), there’s only one brand he calls upon when the ladies are looking, and that’s Aston Martin. The Aston Bond will be driving in the upcoming movie Casino Royale will be this cover car ...

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    James Bond to rock Fiat bulldozer in Casino Royale

    Daniel Craig, the next James Bond, has already endured his fair share of controversy, and now the poor guy will have to while away the opening sequence in Casino Royale in a Fiat W190 bulldozer. This word, after we we reported last month that he'll also be driving a Ford Mondeo in the film. But ...

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    Mondeo. Ford Mondeo. 007 set to drive mass-market Blue Oval in Casino Royale

    Repmobile. Ford Repmobile. According to the guys and gals over at Softpedia, James Bond fans are said to be "shaken, not stirred" at word that their on-screen hero will drive a Ford Mondeo in the upcoming 007 epic, Casino Royale. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Yes, as if word of ...

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    First pics: Bond's DBS

    Casino Royale may be several months away from its premiere, but the sleuths at MI6 have this first look at the Aston Martin DBS Bond will be cruising in. Hot on the heels of the design sketch released last month, the DBS appears to be a suped-up version of the Vanquish. MI6 says the gadgets, all ...


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