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    Would you buy American if your boss gave you $1,000?

    Chet Czaplicka doesn't own one of the Big 3's suppliers or run a car dealership. Instead, he is the chief executive of a blood-processing firm in the Detroit suburb of Livonia, Michigan. But like most people in that part of the country, he has several autoworkers in his family. And, perhaps more ...

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    Ford brings summer incentives to buyers

    In a move that's as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, automakers are beginning to offer more sales incentives to boost summer sales figures. Ford is no exception, and as of today, those willing to drive away in a new Blue Oval offering can benefit from zero-percent ...

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    GM intros incentives for full-size trucks

    This is possibly the least shocking news of the day when you consider that the housing market, which fuels the full-size pickup segment, is in a slump and gas prices are rising once again. Nevertheless, General Motors must respond to market pressures, and in the wake of Silverado sales that fell 7% ...

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    Toyota offering $1,500 back on base model Tundra

    Toyota has apparently instituted a nationwide cash-back deal for the base model Toyota Tundra pickup that will send $1,500 back into the pockets of potential owners. According to the Wall Street Journal, the rebate will last the entire month of March. KickingTires is reporting that Southeast ...

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    Take our cars, please: Top 10 cash-back offers

    Automakers with remaining 2006 inventory are getting desperate in some cases to get rid of their lot. has assembled the 10 best incentive offers based on the percentage off of a car's base MSRP, and Kia tops the list by offering 26.32% off the Sorento and 23.87% of off the Sedona minivan. ...

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    Chrysler turns to 0% financing as Employee Pricing ends

    Chrysler summer-long Employee Pricing incentive ends today and is being replaced by a good old fashion Zero Percent Financing deal. The new deal applies to all 2006 models, which means Chrysler is eager to reduce the inventory of its dealers to make room for a flood of new products it plans on ...

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    Mazda will cut incentive spending beginning with CX-7

    The Nihon Keizai, a Japanese business publication, reported that Mazda will cut incentives spending in the U.S. in an effort to raise vehicle average transaction prices and profit margins for each vehicle it sells. As of late, automakers have been frowning upon incentives as dangerous and ...

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    GM announces new incentives through end of summer

    Today General Motors announced a new discount program for Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Saab and Saturn (not Cadillac and HUMMER) that features a little bit of cash back and a lot of 0% financing. The industry is seeing a larger than normal number of people opt for financing because of rising ...

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    Chrysler kicks off Employee Pricing Plus with 30-day guarantee and 0% financing

    Today the Chrysler Group announced that all customers would be eligible for employee pricing on qualifying 2006 and select 2005 model year Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles as of July 1st. The Employee Pricing Plus program also offers customers zero percent financing for 36 months on most models ...

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    End of life pricing on Lincoln LS: $8,000 discount

    Ford recently revealed its incentive lineup for the month of July and the Lincoln LS, which is on its way out, is now available with incentives that range from $4,000 to $8,000. It was previously being sold with $3,000 to $4,000 on the hood. The Lincoln Town Car is also being offered now with a ...

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    Promises for fire-sale-free year might be broken

    Consumer confidence is slowing down, as are vehicle sales if the month of May was any indication. A storm is brewing... one that might just result in a reversal of certain promises made by Ford, General Motors and Chrysler to the effect of, "read our lips, no big rebates." Analysts are predicting ...

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    Toyota's 2006/2007 Tundra tightrope

    Toyota unveiled the 2007 Tundra pickup at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year. The automaker, however, doesn't want potential customers to wait for the new vehicle, which won't arrive at dealerships until early next year. So the company is spending millions on incentives, low interest rates, ...


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