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11Buick From Famous Casablanca Ending Up For Auction

1940 Buick Model 81C Phaeton includes Humphrey Bogart’s cigarette burns in the upholstery

The 1940 Buick Model 81C Phaeton which carried Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman to their date with destiny on a tarmac in the classic film 'Casablanca' is up for auction next month.

AddRepsol fills old oil fields in the Mediterranian with CO2

Repsol, one of Europe's biggest oil companies, has decided to store half a million tons of CO2 under the Mediterranean Sea. The plan is to capture CO2 at its refinery in Tarragona, Spain, and move it 43 km through the pipeline that connects it to an old "Casablanca" oil platform.

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