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  • 0 releases new American-Made Index: Camry and Focus fall off

    The definition of what makes a car "Made in America" is always up for debate. Nevertheless, takes a stab at determining the Top 10 vehicles made in America every six months with its American-Made Index. Vehicles that make the list are judged on three criteria: sales numbers, domestic parts ...

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    GM's entire certified used vehicle inventory to be sold on

    Starting Wednesday, February 21st, the entirety of GM's certified used vehicle inventory will be promoted for sale on, which is one of those online classified sites for selling cars. In all, there's about 60,000 GM certified used vehicles in the U.S. To be one, a GM vehicle has to be 6 ...

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    Magic 8-Ball, what will cars be like in the future?

    Automotive consumer site has peered into its crystal ball and been analyzing exhaust smoke patters in order to claim what the latest and greatest technologies will be down the road (or down the air if we ever get the flying cars we've been promised). Its predictions include: Flexible ...

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    Hollywood's best and worst movie cars... take one!

    On the heels of yet another movie promotion for Pixar's Cars, (natch) has gone and selected what it considered the ten best movie cars of all time, along with five it figures should've been earmarked for the compactor. The envelope, please ...Best: 1981 DeLorean ...


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