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    Video: Latest Cars I See episode features a Porsche 930 saga

    "One day I must own this." It's something we've all said to ourselves, and it's just what Jim Goodlett said to himself back in the early 1980s. Welcome to the third installment of Cars I See, which tells the tale of the 28-year path from deep abiding interest in a Porsche 930 to actual ...

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    Video: Cars I See stays with BMW for its second episode

    Frazer Spowart told the story of a devoted BMW E30 owner in the first installment of Cars I See. Now for the second episode, the subject is a 1972 BMW 2002 that's lavished with love by Patrick Burns, who's BMW affliction is inherited from his father Wendell. There's forty years of soul in ...

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    Video: Watch this well-told simple story of a BMW 3 Series owner

    It's the stories that make cars great. Without stories, memories, or unrequited longing, any particular car or truck would just be a bunch of steel and plastic riding on some tires. The BMW E30 is a car that probably inspired an order of magnitude more stories than it ever spurred buyers. That's ...


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