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58New study finds talking on mobile phones while driving doesn't increase crash rates

Don't tell Ray LaHood, but a study from Carnegie Mellon University and the London School of Economics has said "Hold the Phone!" to the argument that talking on a mobile phone while driving raises the risk of a crash. Said one of the study's two authors, "Using a cell phone while driving may be distracting, but it does not lead to higher crash risk in the setting we examined."

18In city driving, hybrids really outshine the competition

OK, maybe this newsflash is an obvious one to longtime green-car observers, but the folks at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon found it worth publicizing that hybrids are a lot more useful to city drivers than highway hounds.

30Intel developing headlights that make rain invisible [w/video]

When computer hardware companies start getting involved with the development of automotive technologies, you can be sure some futuristic stuff is about to go down. How does invisible rain sound to you? Intel, along with Carnegie Mellon University, has come up with an idea for a new headlight system that can make rain seem to disappear from the driver's direct line of sight.

18How insects might help make traffic lights smarter and more efficient

Anyone who has ever driven some of our nation's more congested areas may argue that sitting in traffic for hours at a time is not natural human behavior, and they may be right. In fact, negotiating traffic may be more of the provence of insects, as a Gizmag report suggests.

24Carnegie Mellon project offers EV conversions ... for $24,000

Let's just say this one's for both the environmentally conscious and the nostalgic.

7AT&T Labs, Carnegie Mellon investigating steering wheels with haptic feedback for navigation

Any device or system that draws a driver's attention away from the road is inherently distracting, but some navigation systems are better than others. Now, AT&T Labs is said to be hard at work developing a steering wheel with haptic feedback that may allow more drivers to keep their eyes off of the center console screen. According to MIT's Technology Review, the system uses 20 small actuators to to create a pattern of vibrations in the wheel. When the wheel buzzes clockwise, the driver is me

113Why plug-in vehicles with "small" battery packs should be subsidized in a big way

Are plug-in vehicle incentives distributed correctly?

17DC 2011: Bosch says diesels really show you the money

Cuba Gooding Jr. would be proud. Carnegie Mellon University released a new study today that shows that people who drive modern diesel vehicles can get financial benefits from their oil-burning rides. The numbers work out like this:

4Carnegie-Mellon students learn about electric vehicles with Nissan

2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddGM responds to Carnegie Mellon study

Click above for a high res gallery of the 2011 Chevy Volt

29GM rebuts Carnegie Mellon Chevrolet Volt slight

Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2011 Chevy Volt

68Carnegie Mellon study says Chevy Volt may not be such a hot value

Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2011 Chevy Volt

12GM and Carnegie Mellon get together on driverless vehicles

If you're really looking forward to the day when your car says, "You just relax, Dave, and let me do the driving," it just got a little bit closer. GM and Carnegie Mellon University have announced a 5-year, $5 million Collaborative Research Laboratory (CRL) to do work on autonomous vehicles.

8GM-powered Carnegie Mellon team take first prize at DARPA

After the DARPA dust settled, only 40 minutes separated the first, second and third place contenders for this year's $2 million bounty. The Carnegie Mellon team, behind the virtual wheel of a tech'd-out Tahoe dubbed the "Boss," won the DARPA Urban Challenge, the first event held in a mock city environment.

AddWorking to solve the hydrogen storage dilemna with metal hydrides

Carnegie Mellon has some interesting research going on these days. Those who oppose hydrogen as a fuel source (electricity) have quite a few problems to hang their hats on. For one, where to get the hydrogen from? Yes, it is abundant, but it is tied up with other stuff... making things such as water. Much of the hydrogen currently in use is captured from natural gas, which is expensive and has dubious environmental benefits. Another problem is hydrogen storage. What do you do with the hydrogen o

5Carnegie Mellon and GM entering driverless Tahoe in next DARPA

Remember William "Red" Whittaker? He is the ex-marine turned college prof that competed in both the 2004 and 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge with a pair of autonomous H1 HUMMERs named H1ghlander and Sandstorm. Unfortunately for Red, neither HUMMER was able to beat Stanley, the autonomous Volkswagen Touareg from Standard, in last year's challenge that actually saw competitors finish the course for the first time.

13The Great Robot Race adds dimension to DARPA Challenge

We all know the basic facts about the DARPA Grand Challenge that pitted over 20 autonomous vehicles against each other and the elements out in the Mojave Desert last October. After watching the NOVA special The Great Robot Race on PBS last night the entire enterprise has taken on a whole new dynamic thanks to the excellent backstory provided by the program that reaches all the way back to the first DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004.

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