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    Protect your head with... a cardboard helmet?

    We were nearly ready to break out the tin foil hats when we first ran across news that cardboard may be better at protecting your noggin than the polystyrene that's currently en vogue in helmets. Upon closer inspection, it turns out the corrugated paper product actually makes a fine impact ...

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    Video: Puma puts the car in cardboard box... or maybe the other way around

    F1 car replica made out of Puma shoe boxes – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    All sorts of companies shell out big bucks to have their name associated with Formula One racing, whether by sponsoring individual teams, supporting aspiring drivers, or erecting trackside ...

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    PSA: Cardboard is probably not the best replacement material for your rig's windshield

    Many years ago, some jerk smashed in the rear quarter panel of yours truly's 1985 Pontiac Parisienne Safari with a hockey stick. How do we know they used a hockey stick? Because we found the hockey stick in the back of the Pontiac. At that point in time, the poor Parisienne was only running on ...

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    Wisconsin police use cardboard cut-outs to slow speeders

    Neenah, Wisconsin has such a speeding problem that it can't keep up. Even with a full court press of law enforcement, drivers continue to speed and have even sped by other motorists receiving their obligatory revenue-production invoice. In an effort to keep drivers on their toes while also leaving ...


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