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    Internet's wild car videos spawn new TLC special

    Out of Control Drivers on TLC - Click above to watch previews after the jump
    You know what TV producers love? Cheap, sensational content. That, incidentally, is the Internet's number one export. Marry the two and you have TLC's newest special: Out of Control Drivers. We'll let you guess what the ...

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    VIDEO: Hey y'all, crash your clunkers

    Crashing Remote Controlled Clunkers: click image above to watch the video
    Q: What are a redneck's last words? A: "Hey y'all, watch this!" Only in this fine piece of reporting by CNN, the only (self-described) rednecks behaving badly are the ones having that third helping of funnel cake mixed with ...

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    STUDY: Majority of highway fatalities caused by deficient road conditions

    What would you think to be the leading contributor to fatalities in car crashes here in the States? Failure to use seat belts? Speeding? Drunk driving? Think again. According to a new study commissioned by Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE), the leading cause of highway fatalities ...

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    "Hello dad, I totaled your Ferrari - what time is dinner?"

    Somewhere, a father in Melbourne weeps. There were 16 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradales imported to Australia and New Zealand. There are now 15. A proud dad gave his son the keys to his so-rare-it's-almost-extinct Ferrari, and his son got a little too frisky with the audacious redhead. She didn't ...

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    Elastic steel makes your car safer by stretching it out

    The Max Planck Institute for Iron Research and the German Steel Institute have developed a variety of steel that strengthens as it elongates. In the event of a car crash, the steel is ductile enough to absorb impact energy, but remains strong enough to protect occupants. Called Twinning Induced ...


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