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17Driver Tows Boat Into Height Barrier

No injuries reported

A driver in South Korea learned the hard way that height restrictions aren't open to interpretation.

9Close-Call Car Crash At American Le Mans

No one hurt in dramatic crash

A high-speed wreck caused two race cars to spin out of control and towards spectators at the Virginia International Raceway this weekend.

12Dog Ejected From Car In Crash Found The Next Day

A Michigan woman crashed trying to avoid deer

A cherished family pet is back with it's family a day after being ejected from a car in an accident.

5Good Samaritans Save Car Crash Victim From Fire

Police are looking for the SUV that caused the crash

‚ÄčA California woman survived a fiery crash thanks to the kindness of strangers.

145Girl Trapped In Overturned Car For 18 Hours

The man who saved her is being hailed as a hero

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495Teen Driver Plunges Car Into Shrimp Basin, 5 People Die

Her mother, siblings and family friend all drowned in the crash

A 14-year-old girl was behind the wheel of an SUV that plunged into a South Texas port basin, killing her mother, three siblings and a man, authorities say.

334Mother Speaks Out After Son Dies In Drug-Related Car Crash

Popular prescription drug found in his system

Debris littered a highway. A car sat split in two. A young man was dead. At first, the horrific crash that killed 20-year-old Harley Johnson seemed inexplicable.

278Boy Saves Father From Car Crash

Now state agencies are investigating possible child neglect charges

Eight-year-old Joshua Garcia is being hailed as a hero after saving his father's life following a car crash, but the accident has raised a lot of questions with state authorities.

48After Car Accident, Woman Gains Foreign Accent

For 8 years, a Tasmanian woman has spoken with a French accent

After being seriously injured in a car crash, one woman began speaking with a French accent.

144Seeing Eye Dog Saves Trainers From Crash

Trio barely miss being hit by elderly driver

A pair of dog trainers and their trainee are safe after barely escaping a strange car accident.

14Woman Pulled From Crash By Witnesses

Three men used crowbars to pry open overturned car and save her life.

Three Good Samaritans are being hailed as heroes after they freed a woman trapped in a vehicle that lost control and flipped over into a creek. Their quick thinking saved her life and it was all caught on tape.

326Woman Brags About Hitting Cyclist On Twitter

Police immediately ask her to come in

A woman in Norfolk, England hit a cyclists, drives away, and tweets about the event.

12Parked Car Takes Bizarre Plunge Into Hotel Pool

Rental car pulled out with a crane after incident in Florida

In Fort Lauderdale Fla., a woman drives the wrong way on a one-way street, swerves onto the sidewalk and pushes a parked car into a nearby hotel pool.

151This Is Why Russians Have Dash Cams

Woman fakes being hit, but the driver has it all on camera

Have you ever wondered why every great dash cam video comes from Russia? Wonder no more. This dash cam footage found on autoevolution.com captures the kind of fraud Russian drivers deal with every day.

40Helicopter Balances On Guard Rail After Car Crash

Difficult maneuver allows doctor to get to patient faster

With nowhere near a car accident to land, this pilot pulled off a daring maneuver.

494Funeral Procession For Car Accident Victim Causes Crash

Cars stopping for oncoming funeral procession may be dangerous

A near-fatal crash caught on tape in Marion County, Tenn., has drivers wondering if southern civility could be putting lives at risk on the road

2Baby And Family Survive After Tree Falls On Car

Dodge Ram was totaled in fluke accident

A mother, father and 5-month-old baby are lucky to be alive and unhurt after a catastrophic car accident crushed the Dodge pickup truck the family was riding in.

149Toyota Crashes Into House Twice: Driver Error Or Unintended Acceleration?

Video shows the car crashing into the garage, backing up, and crashing again

This security camera caught a different sort of breaking and entering when a Toyota Highlander slammed into the house not once, but twice. The original YouTube user who uploaded the video claims that the driver and passengers were victims of unintended acceleration.

41Valet Parking Fail

This valet with his head in the clouds ended up with a car in a wall

This valet's panicked realization of a runaway SUV shows he didn't have bad intentions, just poor concentration.

5Kayaker Saves Family Of 5 From Car's Plunge Into River

He pulled 3 children out of wreckage after car missed striking him by mere moments

The good timing and quick thinking of a kayaker saved five people's lives after their SUV crashed into a Northern California river last week.

42Car Hits Hydrant On Lombard Street, Causes Flooding On San Francisco's Crooked Tourist Attraction

Driver swerved to avoid a tourist taking a picture

San Francisco has never been a city associated with white-water rafting before. But such adventures were briefly possible last Friday, when a car ran over a fire hydrant on Lombard Street, the city's famous zig-zagging tourist attraction.

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