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carbon footprint

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    Report: BMW plan to provide 4,000 cars to Olympic dignitaries in London triggers controversy

    The problem when a bunch of bigwigs want to do something good for the environment is that they won't stop being bigwigs in order to do it. Getting a lot of VIPs together means a lot of private jets and limousines, and next thing you know, you've got a situation like the 2009 climate change ...

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    General Motors investing $40 million to offset 2011 carbon footprint [w/video]

    General Motors invests in green solutions – Click above to watch video after the jump
    General Motors is planning to invest $40 million in a host of clean energy efforts in an attempt to offset around 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. The company says the investments will come over ...

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    Wi-Drive: Luxury commuter buses popping up in California

    Lots of things about commuting are aggravating. High on that list is the productivity that gets smothered while you're snarled in traffic. You can only bang along on the steering wheel to Clyde Stubblefield for so long before you start getting antsy to convert the stop-and-go into some forward ...

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    Ford to save $1.2M/year just by turning off its computers at night

    When a corporation as large as Ford decides to do something as simple as shutting down its computers at night, the savings can be astronomical. In the case of Ford, powering down computers can save the company $1.2 million each year. digg_url = ...

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    Carbon Footprints: Ditch the dog, get a Hummer H2, save the planet?

    If you don't like dogs, there's now a new reason to continue avoiding canis domesticus. New Zealanders Robert and Brenda Vale have put forth the hypothesis that the care and feeding of a pooch is more environmentally harmful than rolling in a Toyota Land Cruiser. Those shifty, antisocial felines ...

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    Science magazine declares ethanol worse for the Earth than fossil fuels

    Jon Markman at MSN Money doesn't hold back when he says "Corn-based ethanol production is sure to go down as one of the greatest mistakes ever in U.S. energy policy." It's even more provoking when he writes "replacing fossil fuels with corn-based ethanol would double greenhouse gas emissions over ...

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    VW will carbon offset what it sells for one year

    Volkswagen just announced that it will team up with to help new VW purchasers clean up their carbon footprints. Every new Volkswagen purchased in the United States from September 1, 2007 through January 2, 2008 will come with one year of carbon emission offsets, courtesy of ...


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