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    Two Wheels: Smart bringing electric scooter to U.S. in 2014, will be part of Car2go

    In a blink-and-you'd-miss-it announcement during an event in Berlin, the head of marketing and sales for Smart, Martin Hülder, told us that the third model in the Smart e-Mobility range – after the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive and eBike – will be the Smart electric scooter (or ...

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    Forget Zipcar - Smart reportedly readying car2go car-sharing program in Texas

    Steers and Smarts - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Daimler announced in March it would bring the tiny Smart car to the big state of Texas through its car-sharing service car2go. At the time, the German automaker declared that entering the Austin market with 200 ForTwos was "the next ...

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    Daimler's Car2Go program coming to Austin, Texas this fall

    Last October we advised you not to hold your breath for Daimler's Car2Go program to come to America. You can breathe again. If you live in Austin, Texas you'll be able to rent a mild hybrid Smart ForTwo by the minute this fall. Austin was chosen because of its university population and its concern ...

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    Daimler's car2go: Rent a Smart anywhere, anytime

    Click above for high-res shots of Daimler's car2go service
    Cars represent freedom, right? Sure, but shouldn't that same freedom be available to those who can't justify purchasing their own car? Daimler thinks so, and has created a new pilot program called car2go that allows subscribers to rent a ...


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