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    Report: Is Consumer Reports losing its sway? Are we all?

    Do the opinions of automotive journalists matter? For us, that may be a bit of transcendental self-examination, but for the consuming public, it's a very real question. Is a potential customer of a new family sedan going to rely completely on Consumer Reports, or are they willing to go with their ...

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    Top Gear reviews ZR1, hard to get past Corvette looks

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Corvette ZR1
    Let's not beat around any shrubbery with this: Top Gear magazine has reviewed the Corvette ZR1, and the quotes you need to know are, "The dynamics are better than an Aston DBS...," and "...[M]ake no mistake. What we have here is one of the ...

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    Looking for a place to espouse your knowledge about cars? might be for you. Set up similarly to, the site solicits contributions from the online community on topics ranging from hybrid vehicles to new cars and everything else automotive. Users can contribute and edit ...


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