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    Video: Creative SUV axle repair not MacGyver approved

    Proving once again that you never know what you're going to come across on the road in Eastern Europe is the video we've pasted after the break. In it, you'll see an old beat-up SUV of unknown origin plodding its way through a residential area in Kazakhstan, a former member of the USSR. Sounds ...

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    Haynes officially releases car manuals online [w/video]

    Chances are if you've ever spun a wrench on a vehicle, you've likely had a Haynes service manual in your hands at some point as well. The company prides itself on producing inexpensive and informative volumes on just about every late-model vehicle manufactured these days. Now, the company's ...

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    Video: "Sexual Transmission" is hilariously disturbing

    How much do you love your car? Do you know what it takes to keep it happy? We thought we did, but it turns out we're not doing everything we can to satisfy our cars needs. In the video shown here, Cory and Tony are two friends out for a drive when Cory's vehicle starts acting up. Tony knows just ...

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    Ford changes how executives' benefits tied to auto shop bills

    Hee's a bit of news that surely had Ford’s executive eyeing Consumer Reports rankings on all of the Blue Oval's offerings...According to Jim Mateja of the Chicago Tribune, the recent 8-K form Dearborn filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission altered one of the factors that ...


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