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    Report: BMW 'astonished' after losing intellectual property case

    BMW has been tussling in courtrooms with a South African auto parts supplier called Grandmark for 13 years. The real issue revolves, of course, around money, but the legal issue revolves around intellectual property rights regarding the design of car parts. South Africa allows entities to ...

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    Official: Ford developing way to make car parts from cash

    Ford is looking to put a new twist on the term "old money." The automaker may add old, shredded, out-of-circulation U.S paper currency to its list of recyclable materials that may be used for cushions, insulation and other components. With about 10,000 pounds of paper money being shredded per ...

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    Keeping it on the road: Vehicle maintenance for fun and profit

    Economic doom and gloom might have you thinking differently about the vehicle sitting in your driveway. Keeping it alive a few extra years will head off increased expense, and cars are easily able to reach beyond 100,000 miles these days. Inveterate wrench-turners have long relished stretching ...

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    The best chess set in the entire world

    This is one we missed for Father's Day... Yes! A chess set made out of car parts. The Renault F1 Team Collection Chess Set features all the widgets one might find in your typical F1 vehicle -- carbon fiber for the game board, titanium and aircraft-grade aluminum suspension and wing bits to serve ...

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    BMW components a work of art

    Vehicle Design students at the Royal College of Art in London, England, received an interesting request from BMW. Company officials stopped by and asked them to compose works of art using parts from the German automaker's vehicles. Fourteen entries were submitted, and five ...


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