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car of tomorrow

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    Report: Chevy might've pulled out of NASCAR if it weren't for new Gen 6 car

    We've been on the fence with NASCAR for some time now. On one hand, it's some of the closest racing anywhere in motorsports, with actual passing and door-handle-to-door-handle action as a matter of course. But on the other, it's become template racing – a personality-driven sport more about ...

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    Dodge slaps new Charger nose on NASCAR body

    2011 Dodge Charger stock car – Click above for high-res image
    Boy, they ain't kiddin' when they call a stock car a stock car. You can call it a Ford, a Chevy, a Dodge or even a Toyota... they all look pretty much identical. Except the nose. That's where on "manufacturer" differentiates its ...

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    Michael Waltrip Racing innovates, NASCAR style

    Michael Waltrip Racing Shop Tour - Click above for high-res image gallery
    From most vantage points, the drivetrain in the NASCAR Car of Tomorrow seems to have its origins somewhere just after the discovery of fire. Under the hood is a pushrod V8 with 350 cubic inches of displacement, using the ...

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    NASCAR announces rule changes, ups excitement by adding danger, emotion

    NASCAR severely curtailed and occasionally banned the on-track bump-n-grind because it didn't want drivers taking each other out and compromising the spectacle of good racing. At the same time, drivers were being fined and reprimanded for colorful outbursts and language. The aim was to keep the ...

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    Weekend Entertainment: "Car of Tomorrow"

    Follow the jump to watch "Car of Tomorrow"Hmmm, make that long weekend entertainment. Let's close out the theme of vintage car 'toons with one of the best of them all. Once again, Tex Avery dishes out the laughs with "Car of Tomorrow", an all-time great that, among other things, gleefully jokes ...

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    Sticker Swap: Dodge switches NASCAR COT from Avenger to Charger

    For the 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup season, Dodge has announced that it will replace the "Avenger" stickers on its Car of Tomorrow with the "Charger" stickers it had been using on its non-COT racers this past year. The announcement is loaded with flowery prose that name-drops Richard Petty and talks of ...

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    NASCAR bumps exclusive use of Car of Tomorrow up a year

    When NASCAR initially announced the implementation of the Car of Tomorrow early in 2006, it said it would be phased in over a three-year period beginning in 2007. Apparently, the first few races with the CoT have gone so well, that they decided to accelerate the schedule by a year and make it the ...

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    Food City 500: NASCAR Car of Tomorrow gets first win

    This is spoiler-free until after the jump.NASCAR's coming out party for the series new racing car, the unfortunately-named "Car of Tomorrow" (what is this, a car show in 1957?) is officially over. That means that NASCAR history has been made by one of the new machines, which are identifiable by ...

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    Chevy unveils NASCAR Impala SS

    With NASCAR deciding to phase-in the Car of Tomorrow throughout the 2007 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, Chevrolet has already announced that the Impala SS will be the vehicle of choice to eventually replace the current Monte Carlo SS as its entry in the series. And today we learned exactly what the ...

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    Impala chosen for NASCAR Cup races, Monte Carlo snubbed

    NASCAR may be saying goodbye to the Monte Carlo. Although it has been the most successful car in Nextel Cup racing history, GM has apparently gotten approval from NASCAR to replace it. According to a report in the Charlotte Observer, NASCAR has given General Motors permission to drop the Monte ...

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    Toyota's state of panic over NASCAR debut

    When former NASCAR champion Bill Elliott failed to qualify a Dodge for last weekend's Bank of America 500 for new team Red Bull Racing, which is one of the three Toyota teams for the company's inaugural Nextel Cup season in 2007, it cast a harsh spotlight on the steep learning curve facing Toyota's ...


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