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    Report: Credit Suisse envisions former Ford exec Lewis Booth as Europe's car czar

    Credit Suisse has proposed a novel idea for the European car industry, one whose title we are well familiar with: Car Czar. What would make this position far more radical than that formerly held by our own Steven Rattner is that the European car czar would be tasked with managing a reorganization ...

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    Report: House votes to end car czar's tenure

    The czars – all of them – are dead in the House of Representatives. Even though every "czar" position in government had already been vacated, the House passed a spending bill that officially eliminated the role and forbids the White House from naming more. In some cases, automotive ...

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    Report: Ex-car czar Rattner says Auto Task Force should have pushed for more cuts

    The government's Auto Task Force was given the difficult task of saving General Motors and Chrysler at a time when the credit markets were frozen and the economy was in chaos. The team ultimately got the job done by ushering the two iconic companies through extraordinarily short ...

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    Report: Ron Bloom, U.S. auto advisor, leaving White House

    Ron Bloom, the man who replaced Steve Rattner as the so-called Car Czar advising the White House on decisions impacting the auto industry, is reportedly leaving his post by the end of the month. We're not surprised – General Motors and Chrysler successfully emerged from their ...

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    Report: Ex car czar Bloom asked by Congress to clarify statements made under oath

    Ron Bloom, the former car czar under President Barack Obama, is being asked to clarify some of the statements he made under oath to the United States Congress last month. Three members of the Congressional oversight committee are specifically interested in the Bloom's denial that he remarked "I ...

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    Report: 'Car Czar' post nixed as part of federal budget deal

    Last week, the government avoided a costly shutdown by cutting $38 billion from the 2012 federal budget. The American people are just now hearing what those cuts consist of, and it appears the auto industry and industry regulation have been affected. The Detroit News is reporting that the ...

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    Report: Ex 'car czar' Rattner forcasting 14M sales this year

    Steven Ratner, the ex-Car Czar, has a healthy prediction for US automotive sales this year. Ratner believes the magic number will be 14 million for 2011. In 2012, the number will climb to 15 million, per Ratner's estimates. Why the optimism? Ratner sees shrunken fleets, improved business ...

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    Followup: Ex-car czar Rattner to speak in Detroit after all?

    Let's try this again. After having his invitation to speak at the Detroit Economic Club rescinded last month, Steven Rattner, the former auto advisor to the Obama Administration, will get another chance to speak to Detroit. The Automotive Press Association is now hosting a lunch where Rattner ...

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    Report: Ex-car czar Rattner nears SEC settlement

    According to Reuters, the Securities and Exchange Commission is set to settle with the former head of the Obama Administration's auto task force, Steven Rattner. Earlier this year, the SEC charged Rattner with participating in a pay-to-play pension program, but the commission is expected to ...

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    Report: Auto Czar Montgomery stepping down

    Ed Montgomery, the gentleman who helped usher General Motors and Chrysler through some of the most difficult times in both companies' histories, has stepped down from his position as the Auto Recovery Czar for the Obama Administration. Montgomery had been at his post for just 15 months, during ...

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    REPORT: Obama dropping "car czar" in favor of task force

    While there have been rumors and suggested candidates floated for the so-called federal "car czar" post, it now no longer looks like that position will be filled. That's because President Barack Obama has apparently gone cold on the idea. Instead, new reports suggest that he will look to a select ...

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    Obama faces immediate challenges with Detroit

    To be fair, the new president faces a lot of immediate challenges. But when it comes to the auto industry, the biggest four challenges could be the bridge loans, fuel economy mandates, the EPA vs The California 14, and the board of czars that will oversee the fortunes of GM and Chrysler. The ...

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    Mulally: Car Czar should keep hands off product decisions

    Now that General Motors and Chrysler have accepted Federal assistance in the form of low-interest bridge loans, the two companies may not have many choices available to them if a Fed-appointed individual were to make product recommendations to senior management. In fact, that's exactly what the ...

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    MotorTrend nominates Roger Penske for car czar

    If an emergency loan for the Detroit 3 makes it through Congress, part of the deal will be an overseer for the industry to make sure the money is spent wisely. Of course, the question is who will fill the car czar's slippers? MotorTrend editor Angus McKenzie has come out in favor of Roger Penske, ...

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    First draft of Automaker Bailout Bill is out

    The House of Representatives and the Senate will discuss and likely vote on the Automaker Bailout Bill (we know, it's not technically a bailout, but rather loans that will be paid back) tomorrow, and the first discussion draft of the bill has hit the internet. The discussion bill is 31 pages long, ...

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    Georgetown professor could land position as 'car czar' in Obama administration

    Soon after President-elect Obama and still-President Bush sat down on Monday, reports began to surface that the Obama camp was considering the appointment of a "Car Czar." The position would provide the new administration with analysis and advice on the auto industry and the financial (and ...

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    GM 'car czar' Lutz says it's the design, stupid

    When Bob Lutz became GM's car czar last year, he kept telling workers that they couldn't keep doing things the same way if they wanted different results. Seems obvious, and that philosophy is considered one of the litmus tests for being sane. Although there's still a long way to go, and GM might ...

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    Derrick Kuzak to become global Car Czar for Ford

    By now we're all aware what a good Car Czar can do for an automaker. Bob Lutz is often referred to as the Car Czar at General Motors who banned body cladding on Pontiacs, brought over the Aussie-sourced GTO (that really opened the door for the upcoming Chevy Camaro revival) and pushed Cadillac ...


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