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car chases

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    SPEED announces Hollywood's Hottest Car Chases with mega sweepstakes

    Ronin ranks high on the list – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It's a question which stirs up deep emotions in most automotive enthusiasts. No, it's not Porsche versus Ferrari, Senna versus Schumacher or Jeep against Land Rover. The question that causes serious debate boils down ...

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    Stolen donut van chased by cops, LOTS of cops

    Whatever you do,kids, do not steal a donut truck and try to drive that bad boy through Tama County, Iowa. They will make it positively rain police on you. Frank Alvarado found this out the hard way when he stole a donut van from a Donut Delite driver on his rounds, and ended up on a ...

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    Osaka PD puts all it has into a car chase. And we mean everything

    Toward the end of The Professional, Detective Stansfield is about to go after hitman Leon, and Stansfield tells his second in command "Get me everyone." When his second asks what he means, he screams "I... mean... EVERYONE." Something like that must have happened in Osaka, Japan, when the police ...


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