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    Video: Meet the man behind the cars of Fast and Furious 7

    After seeing the recently released trailer, we're sure many are looking forward to the mindless automotive excitement that Fast & Furious 7 promises. The film looks to be going to even crazier extremes in this seventh installation of the franchise, with cars parachuting out of planes, a bus ...

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    Report: Will global automakers drop local JV partners if China's government says they can?

    Chinese economic policies could be in for a big change, as President Xi Jinping pushes the communist country to open its domestic markets even further. That could mean big things for the auto industry, especially when it comes to the country's far-reaching joint-venture system. According to ...

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    Video: A woman shows you how to build a proper circle track racer

    Jeri Ellsworth is a certified renaissance woman. A high school and college dropout, she's a self-taught computer programmer and an ace welder and circle track race car builder. She has also started her own race car building business while her peers were at prom and went on to open a chain of ...

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    Frenzied Minds: AB reader's comic strip depicts how cars are made

    Click on the image above to view the cartoon in high-resolution
    At one point, the Pontiac Aztek was a pretty cool-looking concept. But then, brand managers probably began asking where all the plastic cladding was, bean counters started looking for ways to do things as cheaply as possible, and the ...

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    GM investing $225 million to save ex-Saturn plant

    We're not sure what's going to be produced there, but GM is investing $225 million in their Spring Hill, Tennessee Saturn plant. The Ion and Vue are currently built in Spring Hill, but production of those vehicles will be ceasing in March 2007. Once the plant is cleared of vehicles, the paint shop ...


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