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car brand perception survey

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    Study: Toyota, Ford and Honda again top Consumer Reports Car-Brand Perception Survey

    Consumer Reports has released its annual Car-Brand Perception Survey, and the list looks awfully familiar. The top six brands are identical to last year's results, with Toyota, Ford and Honda continuing to occupy the podium. All told, Toyota walked away with 133 points, putting it 15 ahead of ...

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    Toyota tops in CR brand perception study, Subaru, Ford, Chevy make gains

    Consumer Reports 2010 Car Brand Perception Survey results just published
    After one of the worst years ever for the auto industry, which automakers do you think came out of 2009 with an unsullied reputation? Consumer Reports just published its 2010 Car Brand Perception Survey and the results are a ...

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    Consumer Reports Car Brand Perception Survey winners: Toyota, Honda

    So we know many of you will roll your eyes at this and let the charges fly, but the results of Consumer Reports' 2008 Car Brand Perception survey reveal that Toyota and Honda are "best by a wide margin." The rankings, based on responses from 1,720 adults whose households own at least one car, ...


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