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73Car and Driver announces 10 Best: No GT-R to be found!

Spoiler alert: If you haven't picked up your print copy of Car and Driver yet, or if you haven't received their email announcement, or if you haven't checked out their website, they just announced their 10 Best for 2009. We wanted to share it with you because, well, the list is too shocking not to share. Unfathomably, the Nissan GT-R didn't win a spot! It didn't even make it into the top ten. After taking the brass ring from Automobile and Motor Trend, how could CD not pick it? We were just as s

94[SPOILER ALERT] Car and Driver 10Best list revealed

Earlier this week we got a tip from a reader who had already received his January 2008 issue of Car and Driver in the mail. The January issue is, of course, the 10Best issue, and while we had no reason not to trust this reader that the ten cars he listed were in fact all winners, we decided to wait until a second source could corroborate the information. Well, Car and Driver has released the 2008 10Best article on its website, which is all the corroboration we need.

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