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102Aging, Obese Crash Test Dummies In Development To Replicate US Population

Obese people are 78 percent more likely to die in a crash

America's well-publicized weight problem and aging population of baby boomers is collaborating to bring about a change in the humble crash test dummy, as automakers and safety regulators are attempting to build vehicles even better suited to our changing population.

5Cartoon mascots punish Russian driver in road rage incident

We've seen some truly harrowing videos from Russian dashcams, recently. However, none of them rise to the level of weirdness as this latest one. Apparently in Russia, just because you're dressed as a quartet of children's cartoon characters, doesn't make you immune from road rage.

1How Teen Driver Gender Is Linked To Crash Type

Young women and men crash in different ways and at different times

A new study from Kansas State University found that young men and women crash their cars at different times and in different ways.

488Dad Acquitted In Slaying Of Driver Who Killed Sons

Prosecutors lacked physical evidence tying Dad to shooting death of driver who killed two young boys

A southeast Texas man says that despite his acquittal Wednesday for the shooting death of the drunken driver who caused a crash that killed his two sons, there are no winners.

4Man Dies After Car Crashes Into Bee-Infested House

Rescue workers driven back by swarms

A Michigan man on Wednesday after crashing his car into an abandoned home infested with bees.

AddOdds Of Dying In A Traffic Accident Depend On Which State You Reside In

D.C. and Massachusetts motorists enjoy the safest driving in the nation

Your odds of dying in a traffic accident depend a lot on where you live.

165Truck Deliberately Crashes Into Joy-Riding Teen

Driver sacrificed own vehicle to prevent teen from driving through park full of children

A Utah teenager's wild joyride ended Saturday when a concerned citizen used his own vehicle as a roadblock.

145Cop crashes into sober driver, arrests her for DUI

There's a popular stereotype that cops are villains, out to ruin the day of drivers while rocking a pretty severe God complex. Of course, this is not all cops. In fact, we'd argue that the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officials are good, upstanding, friendly citizens that are just trying to get by, much like your or I. We aren't too sure about Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy Joseph Quiles, though.

12Michael Schumacher sued in Spain for motorcycle accident prior to coma

Seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher has been in a French hospital since a December 29 accident left him in a coma. Now, the German driver is being investigated for another accident, although he was behind the wheel for this one.

1Smartphones Reduce Accident Headaches

Insurance industry's new estimating services stand to reduce costs and customers' time

As insurance costs rise with car prices, ways to reduce costs seem to diminish. One Chicago-based company called Snapsheet, however, is poised to reverse some of that trend, by helping streamline the fender-bender repair process using motorists' smartphones to dramatically speed up damage claim estimates.

17650-Vehicle Crash Closes Interstate 80 In Pennsylvania

Officials say 14 were injured, but no deaths reported

A chain-reaction crash involving roughly 50 vehicles on an icy roadway will leave the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 in western Pennsylvania closed until about 10 p.m.

89Junk Mail Reminds Grieving Dad Of Daughter's Car Crash

OfficeMax incident latest cause for concern over automotive privacy

An Illinois father grieving the loss of his daughter in a car accident found a disturbing piece of junk mail when he went to his mailbox last week.

35Car Rolls Over Boy's Head Twice

Child miraculously survives brutal crash

A six-year-old boy from Brazil immediately bounced back after being hit by a car twice.

23Elderly Driver Loses Control Of Car, Slams Into Pharmacy

Onlookers whip out smartphones before helping driver

An elderly driver lost control of her car and slammed through the front doors of a Rite-Aid in New Jersey, hitting a shopper inside.

140After Years Of Delays, Rear Visibility Requirements Move Closer To Reality

But safety advocates are concerned new regulations won't include a backup camera mandate

Regulations that would require automakers to improve rear-view visibility on all new cars and light trucks are nearing completion.

71Paul Walker's accident due to 'speed, and speed alone'

Following an investigation into the crash that killed Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and driver Roger Rodas, an unnamed law enforcement source told the Associated Press that there were no signs of mechanical failure on the Porsche Carrera GT that was destroyed in the accident.

AddYour Fender-Bender Survival Guide

Winter weather brings increased minor accidents

With most of the country in a deep freeze and winter weather causing pile-ups from Texas to New York there are sure to be plenty of fender benders out there. ABC reported fender benders go up 20 percent in December.

112California Cop Saves Woman From Burning Car

Dashcam tapes heroic rescue

A California police officer is being hailed as a hero after he pulled a woman from a burning car.

496Billionaire Publisher Allegedly Totals Single Mom's Car

Mom is struggling with insurers to get car replaced

A single mother was left with a mountain of bills and a totaled car after billionaire New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman struck her Ford Fusion and then drove off.

38130-car UK pileup injures hundreds, but no deaths

A crash in the county of Kent in southeast England involving 130 vehicles on a bridge has injured 200 people, 27 of which required hospitalization. The incident, which occurred at 7:15 AM BST (2:15 AM on America's east coast), was on a bridge on the A249, a road that connects two major motorways, the M2 and M20.

27The safest driving cities in America listed for 2013

We all like to claim we know where the worst drivers in the US hog the road, but for the last nine years, Allstate has released a study telling us exactly where we can go to find the best and worst drivers in the country. After compiling crash data in America's largest cities (with more than 50,000 residents), this finding shows that for the third time in four years, Fort Collins, CO tops the list for safest roadways. Fort Collins drivers go almost 14 years between car accidents – an accid

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