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If a car is going to use a series hybrid or extended range EV powertrain a a conventional piston engine is hardly the optimal package for a range extender. Something smaller and more power dense would be preferred. A small turbine engine is one possibility and that's exactly the approach taken by Langford Performance engineering. They've used a micro-turbine from California-based Capstone Turbine. A turbine works well in this type of application because it can run at constant speed.


Capstone Turbine Corporation, maker of the micro turbines that are being used as a power source in some hybrid buses, has announced that they have demonstrated that their 30 kW microturbine is compliant with the new EPA and CARB standards that will come into effect in 2010. Makers of some internal combustion diesel engines have been having some difficulty meeting the criterion without the implementation of lots of expensive add-ons, usually exhaust treatment systems. These additions will add to

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