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    Video: Smart Fortwo's off-road chops on display in amusing ad from Cannes

    After spending a few days with the recalcitrant mechanism that masquerades as a transmission in the Smart Fortwo, we can admit we've pondered all sorts of ways to prematurely end the car's life. An impromptu hardcore off-road excursion has figured prominently in at least one such scenario. ...

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    Official: Mercedes-Benz rolls out the gold carpet in Cannes

    We've seen some rather unfortunately garish chrome-jobs in our day, and yes, some have even ladled on the shiny stuff in gold. Many of those have also been Mercedes-Benz vehicles. But while we've come to expect that kind of bling from owners with cash coming out of their Ferragamo shoes, we ...

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    Followup: Kia disavows sexy cartoon ads

    Kia is putting some distance between itself and the racy ads for the company's dual-zone climate control on the Sportage. According to the automaker, the sultry print ads were penned by the Brazilian ad agency Moma. Apparently, Kia Motors America has no business relationship with the company and ...

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    Kia gets wickedly suggestive with children's fairy tales for Sportage print ads [UPDATE]

    Advertising here in the United States is rather tame compared to what the rest of the world sees. At a recent festival in Cannes, creative works from around the globe were shown, and one of the advertisers at the awards event was Brazilian agency Moma, a company that works with Kia. The Moma ...

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    Rubber - A film about an angry tire with deadly psychokinetic powers. Really. (w/video)

    Quentin Dupieux's Rubber - Follow the jump to watch the trailer
    var digg_url = ''; Making a film about an evil, sentient car tire that manifests its anger by using psychokinetic power to explode people's heads ...

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    "Bonjour, Michel": CitroŽn C6 Office -- like KITT for French businessmen

    Click above for a gallery of the Citroen C6 OfficeCitroën and Intersection magazine have integrated KITT-like visual style with a number of in-car distractions to create the C6 Office, a rolling style project aimed at European business overlords. It'll make its debut at the Cannes Film ...


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