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    VIDEO: Dry but fascinating explanation of variable valve timing

    Honda K20Z3 featuring i-VTEC - click above image to watch the video
    The powers that be are pleased you enjoyed the differential video so much. So much so that here's another. Dilemma: you want oodles of torque at low speeds because you must overcome one of Newton's pesky laws about bodies at rest ...

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    BMW USA offering factory performance parts, with full warranty

    BMW has officially thrown its hat in the performance parts game here in the U.S., likely rivaling the products available from aftermarket firms and coming complete with a factory-backed warranty.Beginning with the 3-series and Z4, BMW is offering a host of components, from brake upgrades to engine ...

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    Behold the cam-less future

    Mechanically actuated valves may soon be a thing of the past. We've made over a century's worth of improvement on the same basic combination of a camshaft, followers (or lifters), a poppet valve and a spring. We've gone from using pushrods and rocker arms to actuate the valvetrain to direct-acting ...


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