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    Think the Bangle Butt is ugly? Check out the BMW Air Camper

    We could think of many captions for this picture that would have us on the floor in stitches, but we'll leave that up to you in the comments. For our part, we'll tell you why this BMW 1-Series has a severely swollen rear end. The inflatable sphere hanging off the back is called the "Air Camper". ...

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    Lotus designs personal commuter for Chinese urban dwellers

    UPDATE: The designer of the Camper Lotus, Patty Yuan, has contacted us with some corrections to our original post on her urban commuter. The design is actually her senior thesis project, and is simply a proposal to suggest what such a commuter vehicle might look like if it were designed by the ...

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    Corvair History 101: The Ultra Van

    Here's a totally different flavor of Corvair that wasn't mentioned in our recent Reader Ride feature. The Ultra Van is a true Corvair, according to the Corvair Society of America (CORSA), even though it didn't roll off a GM assembly line. The Ultra Van is more akin to a cabin cruiser on the inside ...


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