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camilo pardo

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    Video: Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo wins Motor City Masters

    Motor City Masters pulled off its concept of Project Runway for cars rather well. In the end, the TruTV reality series came down to former Ford designer Camilo Pardo and multi-disciplined designer Bryan Thompson, but Pardo was always kind of the show's ringer as the person instrumental in the ...

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    Video: Mustang pinball game will feature art by Ford GT designer

    To celebrate 50 years of Mustang, Ford and Stern Pinball are collaborating on a new pinball machine that will feature the muscle car in all its glory, Polygon reports. Even better, Camilo Pardo, the guy who designed the Ford GT, will provide art for the table; Tanner Foust, Top Gear USA host and ...

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    Report: Ford GT designer takes his creation to artful zenith

    Remember this chromed Buick Regal? At the time of publication, we said there were some cars that looked better in chrome than others, and this is what we had in mind. A specialist aftermarket firm called GT Guy LLC solicited the talents of Camilo Pardo – the designer of the Ford GT – ...

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    Ford GT designer Pardo selling racy new artwork this week

    Camilo Pardo creates his limited-edition "Her Targets" – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Camilo Pardo is a name many of you will recognize. He's the man responsible for bringing the Ford GT40 back to life in its modern Ford GT form. Besides penning beautiful automobiles, Pardo also ...

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    Ford GT designer, Camilo Pardo, leaving the Blue Oval

    AutoWeek is confirming rumors that Ford GT designer, Camilo Pardo, is parting ways with Ford after a 24-year relationship. While no details were disclosed, Pardo confirmed he is leaving the Blue Oval and said the specifics are still being ironed out. Pardo is probably best known for designing the ...

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    Heffner Performance unleashes Camilo Pardo Edition Ford GT

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Heffner Camilo Pardo Edition Ford GT We've become familiar with Jason Heffner's creations over the past few years, from his insanely powerful Lamborghini Gallardos to mindblowingly fast Ford GTs. For his latest project, Heffner has teamed up with Ford ...

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    Ford GT vs GT500 mural adorns cover of Winding Road

    Credit goes to the folks at Winding Road for really stepping it up a notch lately. Their latest issue features a cover designed by Ford GT designer, Camilo Pardo, who painted it on the bare wall of a building at Ford. He even added Le Mans racing stripes to the GT500 convertible, which, for those ...

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    Ford GT designer Pardo seen fiddling with bikinis, wedding gowns

    Camilo Pardo, better known as the man behind the Ford GT, is dabbling a bit in a side job that would appear to be right up his alley -- women's clothing. The automotive designer, branded as something of a Latin lover by the media, has created everything from a disposable wedding gown to a bikini ...


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