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AddCambodia unveils domestic EV, the Angkor

Add Cambodia to the list of countries hoping to boost its domestic economy by making electric vehicles. The Southeast Asia country of about 14 million people will be home to the Angkor EV 2013, which will be produced by Heng Development Co., according to the Phnom Penh Post.

AddPlanet Biodiesel offers biodiesel tours in Cambodia

One of these days we'll have at least one post from every country in the world here on AutoblogGreen. After all, cars are a worldwide thing and it is called "global" warming, isn't it? Today, we feature our first post about Cambodia, where a charity group called Planet Biodiesel Outreach Cambodia has started running tours using a biodiesel-powered van/truck thing (pictured). The organization offers 7- and 12-day triips where your local transportation is powered by biodiesel the group makes from

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