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camaro concept

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    SEMA 2009: Handful of Chevy Camaro concepts preview new options

    Chevrolet Camaro Concepts - Click above for high-res image gallery
    While GM didn't bring a production Chevrolet Camaro convertible to SEMA, it did bring a handful of Camaro Coupe Concepts that offer a preview of things to come for the recently resurrected pony car. Besides the twin-turbo V6 Jay ...

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    SEMA 2008: Camaro Accessories, Camaro Black, and Earnhardt, Jr. Camaro LIVE

    Click the image above for a high-res gallery of 2008 SEMA Camaro concepts
    You read about them earlier, but GM pulled out every joker it had in the Camaro deck today. One of them was bathed in yellow and filled with a host of GM Accessories options, like contrasting side sills and front spoiler, ...

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    Transformers: Corvette concept, Bumblebee Z28 in the buff

    So a couple of weeks ago we asked you to help us identify a mystery car on the set of Transformers 2. Quite a few of you guessed it was some sort of Corvette concept, or the C7 Corvette due in 2010. For those of you who guessed Corvette concept, you were right. The picture above is that concept, ...

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    Camaro SS spied on set

    Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at your 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS. It wasn't found on the set of Transformers2, but on location for a Christian Slater television show that'll debut this Fall on NBC. It's a very tastefully done brawn job. The SS badge takes its place in the lower right corner ...

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    VIDEO: 2010 Chevy Camaro cruising to classic rock

    Click above to view video Unlike a number of other drugs, the great thing about 2010 Camaro sightings is that you cannot OD on them. With that in mind, we bring you a lengthy Camaro video, this time of a black car being trailed by an "official" camera car. The great thing about this video is that ...

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    Lutz says GM considering 2.0-liter turbo for Camaro

    A four-banger in a Camaro! Blasphemy you say? Could be, but what four-pot are we talking about? In this case, the General's car czar Bob Lutz suggests that the new 2010 Camaro due next February could offer the same 2.0 liter direct-injected engine used in the Saturn Sky Redline, Pontiac Solstice ...

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    2009 Chevy Camaro a no-show at auto shows

    We've seen the Camaro coupe and convertible concepts over the past two years at venues like the Detroit and Chicago auto shows. A stunning yellow Camaro also had the starring role on the biggest Hollywood blockbuster of 2007. We're even getting "spy shots" of the production Camaro taken by General ...

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    Spy shots: Production Camaro sans Zebra stripes

    Since the original Camaro concept hit NAIAS in January 2006, it seems like we've been living with (and writing about) the pony coupe forever. The fact is, we still haven't seen the Camaro's final production duds. Until now, kind of. The Camaro5 website has posted on its forums a near-naked Chevy ...

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    Autoblog's #1 Most-Read Post of 2006

    click above image to see complete high-resolution galleryOn this, the first day of 2007, we look back and honor the most popular post that appeared on Autoblog in 2006. To no one's surprise, it is the post in which we introduced to you the Chevrolet Camaro Concept for the first time. Titled simply ...

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    SEMA panel celebrates muscle cars, then and now

    American Muscle is the theme of this year's SEMA show. Usually a single automaker is honored as manufacturer of the show and enjoys a little extra exposure during the week. With this theme, however, all three Detroit auto companies are celebrated. Muscle cars, their impact on American culture and ...

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    Full-body Bumblebee snapped on Transformers set

    Once again the set of the upcoming Transformers film has been infiltrated, and this time a full-body pic of Bumblebee laying prostrate supine flat on his back made it off the lot. It's a perfect view to analyze the Autobot's form and pick out pieces parts from the Chevrolet Camaro concept. The most ...

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    Woodward Dream Cruise 2006: Wagoner shows off the Camaro

    As the annual Woodward event becomes ever more commercial, on Friday this year's General Motors promotion featured CEO Rick Wagoner starring in a Chevrolet cavalcade of Camaros, leading the way with the new Camaro concept. The Chevy parade wound up at the Athens Coney Island diner, for a final ...

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    Lead designer of the Camaro goes for a spin

    One member of the Autoblog team had his hand in developing a few parts for a car that will soon be making an appearance in the Autoblog Garage. His lament after finding out that he wouldn't be able to enjoy this paragon of luxury was to point out that he had never even sat in the vehicle, let ...

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    Lutz thanks blogosphere for Camaro support

    Though many factors were responsible for the new Camaro's path to production, Bob Lutz took some time on General Motors' FastLane Blog to recognize the support the car received from the blogosphere. While Lutz only mentions the comments left on FastLane Blog, we can add that the support for the ...

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    BREAKING! It's really official now - GM's Wagoner confirms Camaro production

    Autoblog's Erin Mays is on-site at the auto industry's annual Management Briefing Seminars this week, and she reports that General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner announced Thursday, "As evidence that we're not completely brain-dead, GM will build the Chevy Camaro." A fully brain-functional Wagoner posed ...

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    Jay Leno shows off the Camaro concept

    Now that seemingly every car magazine on the planet has taken the Camaro concept for a "test drive," it looks like it's the celebrities' turn. Tonight Show host and hard-core car guy Jay Leno created the latest photo-op for the concept car last Friday, when he took it for a drive in Burbank, ...

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    GM teams up with Discovery for TV documentary

    To help rectify a relative lack of automotive content in the world of TV documentaries, General Motors and the Discovery Channel are teaming up to bring a four-part series to the small screen in 2007. The new series will follow eight interns as they each take a vehicle - based on GM's ...

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    Camaro convertible already approved?

    Haven't gotten the latest issue of Motor Trend in the mail yet, but this article from references the current July issue out on newsstands that claims General Motors has already approved a convertible Camaro for production. Umm ... now we all know the Camaro Concept (and the Dodge ...

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    Camaro and Mustang do battle in Transformers: The Movie

    The upcoming live-action Transformers movie will feature a matchup with which most Autoblog readers are intimately familiar: Camaro versus Mustang. A bright orange Chevy Camaro Concept that's more than meets the eye will play the good-natured Transformer named Bumblebee, which has traditionally ...

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    Dodge insists Challenger does not yet have green light

    In a questionable PR move, Chrysler's VP of Communications Jason Vines told Inside Line that despite internet reports of a supplier already working on components for the production version of the Dodge Challenger Concept the company has not yet given the pony project a green light. Vines, who is on ...


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