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Cadillac struck out with engines in the early 1980s. The V8-6-4 was a good idea in search of the engine management of the future. Despite a diesel-crazy public after a pair of fuel crises, General Motors had so botched the execution of its V8 diesel program that only recently have diesels from all brands been able to shake the severely damaged reputation. It was into this morass of dissatisfaction that General Motors pushed the HT4100 V8 in an attempt to stem the tide of failure.

Cadillac really is ready to challenge all comers in the luxury automobile segment, then Mercedes-Benz is a great target to shoot for. As such, perhaps it's not surprising that Caddy put together a video showing how it can easily dispatch one of the German automaker's products. The battleground is a straight stretch of asphalt with a starting line, finish line and hit-the-gas-now light tree. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a little bit of America versus Germany automotive action, no? Problem i

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