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    New York cabbies to get stiffer dress code?

    The image of the laid-back New York City cabbie may not be long for this world. According to Yahoo News and WNYC, the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission had been slated to vote on a new rule that could force the drivers to maintain a "professional appearance," but that vote has now been ...

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    REPORT: NY cracking down on cabbies using cell phones - only took 10 years

    It's hard to believe, but cab drivers in New York City are prohibited by law from talking on cell phones, with or without headsets. That doesn't seem to stop them, says the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission. Citing phone-related accident statistics, the commission is now proposing more ...

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    New York cabbies strike, opposed to new cost-prohibitive regs

    Those of you in the Big Apple waiting for a cab while reading your favorite automotive news site may have noticed that you're able to get through a few more articles than normal. Why? A sizable number of New York cabbies have called it quits today in a general strike that began at 5 AM this morning ...


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