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    Behold, the first Pratt & Miller C6RS Convertible!

    Just days after we became enamored with Jay Leno's E85-powered C6RS Corvette at SEMA this past year, Pratt and Miller announced it would be producing the cars for the public, providing you had a Corvette and $185,000 to do the conversion. Included with each C6RS is carbon fiber bodywork, an ...

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    Christmas comes early: Pratt & Miller confirm production of Corvette C6RS

    Time to call in that favor from Santa. Pratt & Miller Engineering will begin taking orders for its Corvette C6RS this December, confirming rumors of a production version after its official debut last week at SEMA. Deliveries of the 600-hp, 600 ft-lbs. monster 'Vette will begin in April next ...

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    SEMA 2007 VIDEO: Jay Leno's E85-powered C6RS Corvette

    Jay Leno is among the world's most famous car enthusiasts, and he seems to appear in a major auto publication every single month. Of course, there is a good reason for all the pub: he has some kick-ass cars. One of his newest white diamonds is the C6RS E85 Corvette, which started life as a ...

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    SEMA 2007: Corn-fed Corvette C6RS drops at GM party

    Click image for our updated gallery with live and media picsJay Leno showed up at GM's party at The Wynn to show off his unique corn-fed Corvette C6RS, stuffed full of Katech's naturally aspirated 8.2L 600 HP V8. We discussed this car a bit recently and can only add that the devil is truly in the ...

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    SEMA 2007: Jay Leno's E85-powered C6RS Corvette

    Click Image for Photo Gallery var digg_url = ''; Jay Leno's love for fast rides is abundantly documented, and he's not afraid to try different things with them, either. In a demonstration that high performance ...


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