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    Video: Watch the Pratt & Miller Corvette team prep for Le Mans *UPDATE

    In real estate, the three most important things are location, location, location. In motorsports, it's preparation, preparation, preparation. Le Mans is only a few days away and the Pratt & Miller team has put together a five-part series examining what they do to get the Corvette C6.R ready ...

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    SEMA 2010: Chevrolet Corvette Z06X Concept is white hot glory

    Chevrolet Corvette Z06X Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Chevrolet was kind enough to give us a sneak sampling of what the company has planned for SEMA 2010, and the star of the show looks to be the car you see above. Called the Corvette Z06X, the bruiser is effectively a ...

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    Official Corvette C6.R GT2 images follow day of testing at Sebring

    2010 ALMS Corvette C6.R – Click above for high-res image gallery
    This year's Corvette racer, the C6.R headed to the GT class in ALMS and at Le Mans, has had a slow reveal. First its heart was unleashed, the production-derived 5.5-liter V8, then its livery stopped to pose. Now the car has ...

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    Corvette C6.R GT2 livery looks... sharp

    Corvettes look sharp. Racing 'Vettes, even sharper. A competition-spec ZR1? Now we're talking. After dominating the GT1 class seemingly for longer than we can remember, the Corvette Racing team is dropping down to the GT2 category for the 2010 American Le Mans Series. There they hope to find the ...

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    Corvette Racing GT2 car to be unveiled on Tuesday

    Corvette Racing GT1 mega-gallery -- Click above to enter
    While the 24 Hours of Le Mans was the swan song for the GT1-class Corvette C6.R, the fellas at Corvette Racing will unveil the next chapter of the story this coming Tuesday, August 4th. According to the crew at, that's the ...

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    New York: Chevrolet Corvette GT1 Championship Edition gets called to the carpet

    2009 Corvette GT1 Championship Edition – Click above for a high-res gallery
    Back in February, General Motors circulated a few studio shots of a new Chevrolet Corvette GT1 Championship Edition package, but the New York Auto Show is the first time we're coming face-to-face with just such an ...

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    A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing: New Corvette GT2 racer takes cues from ZR1

    Victory can get boring after a while. The first couple of times Corvette Racing took the GT1 title in the American Le Mans Series, it must have been exciting. But after dominating the class every year since 2001, they're starting to look for a new fight, and the Porsches and Ferraris duking it out ...

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    ALMS could scrap GT1 class as Corvette drops to GT2

    GT1-class racing is one of the most hotly contested in Europe, with cars like the Aston Martin DBR9 and Maserati MC12 competing among others for top honors in the Le Mans Series and FIA GT Championship. Here in the American Le Mans Series, however, officials are considering the possibility that ...

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    New livery for Corvette Racing C6R revealed

    Click above to see more images of the 2008 Corvette C6RYellow and black, it's a classic combination. It can convey speed yet spur people to make cautious moves. After all, Wasps are yellow and black, and if you're not careful, you'll regret denying them deference. Bad Boy Vettes has been delivering ...

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    Corvette C6-R program could be a victim of its own success

    Click the C6R for a gallery of Detroit GP ALMS race actionEver since the end of the factory Dodge Viper racing program, the American Le Mans Series GT1 class has been dominated by the factory C5R and C6R Corvettes. For a while they were challenged by assorted Panoz GTR1s, privateer Vipers, Ferrari ...

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    Bad Boy Vettes put you on the hood of the C6.R at Le Mans

    Stuff like this is why we love the Internet. The fellas at Bad Boy Vettes sure know how to give Le Mans a "YOU ARE THERE" feeling for those of us not fortunate enough to be jetting overseas for the annual 24-hour showdown. BBV, calling in-car cameras "passe," taped their trusty Canon PowerShot ...

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    Corvette Racing's LS7.R named Race Engine of the Year

    Corvette Racing's perennial success continued this season, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans, as well as sweeping the driver, manufacturer, and team championships for the American Le Mans Series GT1 class after battling their archrival Prodrive Aston Martin DB9Rs all season long. Now the postseason ...

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    It's almost Christmas... Corvette C6R-001 for sale

    Christmas is fast approaching and we may have just found the perfect gift for your favorite Corvette enthusiast. How does a one-of-a-kind racecar that is surely to become a significant part of motorsports history sound? Well, for the bargain price of $760,000 US, you can pick up the first Corvette ...

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    Another round of Corvette "Blue Devil" rumors

    With General Motors not providing any official information on the upcoming uber-Vette, rumors continue to fly around the automotive world. Automobile Magazine weighs in with its two cents, stating that the so-called "Blue Devil" will actually carry the significantly less satanic moniker of Z07 - or ...


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