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    Report: C-EVO-based Jeep on the way

    Three months ago, Chrysler – under the control of Italian automaker Fiat after going through bankruptcy proceedings in the United States – unveiled a sweeping five-year business plan that would either replace or comprehensively rework every single product in the Pentastar's lineup. ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Alfa Romeo Milano, the next 147

    Although Car magazine says the coming Alfa Romeo Milano (nee 147) is "quite different from the Mito mini," their rendering of the car makes it look an awful lot like a Mito with two more doors. Not that there's anything wrong with that, since it just means more of a good thing. Compared to its 147 ...

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    C-Evo: Alfa Romeo 149 to get its own new platform... sorta

    Alfa 149 rendering by Progetto 940 Remember how Ferrari kept saying it wasn't making a cheaper model despite the plethora of spy shots indicating otherwise? Well technically they were right: the California, as it turned out to be, is no cheaper than an F430. Ferrari's sister company Alfa Romeo ...


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