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    By The Numbers - December 2008: I Want My Mommy Edition

    The U.S. auto industry hasn't experienced a worse year of sales in recent memory, so it's fitting that 2008 should close with December sales data that's no better than the previous disappointing months.The only green you'll see below is next to MINI, which beat out December 2007 sales by only four ...

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    By the Numbers - November 2008: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime Edition

    GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota all down over 30%While the Detroit 3 have their hands out in front of Congress, the entire U.S. auto industry turned in a report of dismal November sales today. Every major automaker saw its sales crash and crash hard last month, and the only brand to gain ground ...

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    By the Numbers - October 2008: "Thanks, GMAC!" Edition

    Sales for the month of October 2008 were... ahem... not good. The auto industry in the U.S. has found a way to slide further into oblivion with only a few bright spots from Audi and MINI, the latter of which enjoyed monster sales last month we suspect on account of greater production capacity this ...

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    By the Numbers - September 2008: Nobody Wins Edition

    We're not waiting for Suzuki to reveal its September 2008 sales results any longer, as it is highly unlikely that the little Japanese brand will arise as the only brand/automaker to post positive numbers this month. Take a good look below, as it's the first time since we started publishing sales ...

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    By the Numbers - August 2008: New Digs Edition

    Check it out. We've completely revamped By the Numbers to convey more sales information than before in a much easier to digest way. Now we'll be reporting both the change in monthly sales volume for each brand and automaker as well as the change in their Daily Sales Rate or average number of ...

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    By the Numbers July 2008: Everybody Hurts Edition

    NOTE: There were 26 selling days in July 2008 versus 24 selling days in July 2007. All percentages are the change in the average number of vehicles sold per day or Daily Sales Rate (DSR), not the difference in actual number of vehicles sold for each month.This is an easy month of sales to report. ...

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    By the Numbers June 2008: Not That Bad Edition

    You're going to be reading in the mainstream press about how horrible sales were in the U.S. during June, 2008. Yes, they were bad for many automakers, but consider that there were only 24 selling days last month versus 27 days in June, 2007. This makes comparing raw sales numbers misleading, since ...

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    By the Numbers May 2008: F-150 Falls Edition

    Honda Civic, Accord, Toyota Camry and Corolla all outsell Ford F-150 for the first timeThe two brands who lost and gained the most sales last month (MINI and HUMMER) sum up nicely what happened to auto sales during May in the U.S. Brands armed with small cars weathered the storm and big trucks and ...

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    By the Numbers: April 2008

    Remember when I said February 2008 was the worst month ever in the history of our reporting monthly sales figures? Well, April 2008 was just as bad. Though we had five brands this month that posted an increase in their daily sales rate (DSR) compared to four back in February, automakers had two ...

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    By the Numbers: March 2008

    Though many news outlets will decry March as a horrible sales month in the auto industry, it wasn't that bad and there are some notable successes. The reason it isn't as bad as some will tell you is because most outlets compare the volume of cars sold last month to the same month in 2007, rather ...

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    By the Numbers: February 2008

    February 2008 will go down as the ugliest sales month ever in the history of By the Numbers posts. Out of the 35 brands we track, only four improved their daily average sales rate versus the same month last year: Honda (1.9%), Mazda (2.5%), Mercedes-Benz (3%) and our Biggest Winner, MINI (38.5%). ...

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    By the Numbers: January 2008

    GM starts year off strong, industry as a whole sees lower salesAnalysts and automakers alike have been warning us that 2008 is going to be another tough year, and January only served to prove them right. General Motors, up 2.1%, managed to turn out a remarkably good sales month with every single ...

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    By the Numbers: 2007

    Toyota passes Ford as second largest automaker in the U.S.; Mazda grows the most in 2007 The final sales numbers for 2007 are in, and to be honest, they're better than we expected. Of the 34 brands we track sales, 19 showed an improvement in their daily average sales rate last year. The majority of ...

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    By the Numbers: December 2007

    Our fingers are bleeding after so much number crunching (look for By the Numbers: 2007 coming up next). As you can see, the last month of the year was not pretty for most automakers. The number of red arrows in our list below are almost too numerous to count. Mitsubishi, however, took the biggest ...

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    By the Numbers: October 2007

    Apologies for the tardiness in delivering our By the Numbers post this month, but we're here with it now and all the automakers have reported their numbers. Big picture, ups and downs in the industry appear about even, so perhaps October 2007 was a wash. General Motors sales fell 1.1% compared to ...

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    By the Numbers: September 2007

    Analysts who feared the worst for September 2007 car sales were wrong. It wasn't that bad at all. General Motors pulled out a 3.8% increase in sales, for Pete's sake! Fellow domestics Chrysler LLC and Ford Motor Company, however, did not fare as well. Chrysler LLC sales went down only 1.5% last ...

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    By the Numbers: August 2007

    You didn't think we forgot to report the numbers, did you? We imagine some automakers wish we had, for instance Jaguar and Mercury, which share our Biggest Loser honor this month by dropping an identical 20.2% in sales. Another of Ford's brands, Land Rover, was the Biggest Winner, jumping 32.2% in ...

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    What actually sells: Fleet sales for first half of 2007

    Automakers often report their sales figures in whatever way makes them look most positive, and for a long time including fleet sales has been an effective way to make a slow selling vehicle look more popular with consumers on paper. Automakers don't distinguish between fleet and retail when ...

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    By the Numbers: June 2007

    NOTE: Since there were 27 selling days in June 2007 versus 26 in June 2006, the percentages below represent the change in Daily Average Sales rate for each automaker and not the change in raw number of units sold. The biggest news coming out of the sales reports for June 2007 is the -24% pummeling ...

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    By The Numbers: May 2007

    General Motors continues its turnaround by posting a 4.7% increase in sales last month versus last year, bolstered mostly by the 68.6% increase at Saturn and a strong showing from GMC (8.6%) and Pontiac (13.7%). Likewise, Toyota contiues its positive growth with an increase of 10.9% for the brand ...


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