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While new car sales have stagnated or shrunk in most of the established markets in recent years, one of the big exceptions has been China. Sales there spiked 22 percent, up to 8.8 million last year and might go over 10 million units in 2008. Of course that has also contributed to the choking air pollution in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Nonetheless Chinese car buyers have yet to migrate toward hybrid vehicles. Apparently the emissions benefits are insufficient incentive to overcome the huge


We told you the other day about reports that Chinese automaker BYD was planning to introduce a hybrid car to the Chinese market int 2008. It now appears that they might be planning to go all the way, as it were, and build a full battery electric car. China Car Times is reporting that In addition to the F6DM hybrid, there will be an F6E plug-in sedan. BYD is claiming to have developed their own battery, the "first" in the world using iron. No doubt A123 and EnerDel will both be surprised to hear

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