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    Study: Latest 'Made In America Auto Index' topped by Ford F-Series, Chevy Corvette

    As car companies have morphed into multinationals, it has gotten difficult to discern what qualifies as an American car. Walking around a car show in Washington D.C. earlier this year, Frank DuBois, a professor of international business at nearby American University, couldn't help but notice ...

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    Report: UAW's King holds the line on foreign car ban on union property

    Drive a non-General Motors, Ford or Chrysler product? Don't try to park it any lot owned by the United Auto Workers. That has been the stance for many years, and new UAW President Bob King is making it known that he will follow that rule to the letter, regardless of situation. The Detroit News ...

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    Detroit restaurant offers cheaper eats for domestic owners

    We'll have to make sure to rent a Mopar when we're in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show next week. Tribute Restaurant in nearby Farmington Hills is running a special promotion to honor folks who buy American. Food is half off for anyone driving a Chrysler product or who works ...

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    Foreign autos vandalized to promote buying American

    Tensions are high in the Motor City, with good reason. At this point, the only chance General Motors and Chrysler have of avoiding bankruptcy is for President Bush to tap the remaining $15 billion from the first half of the $700 billion TARP fund. Unfortunately, the stress of the situation has ...


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