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    24 Hours of LeMons: Pre-Buttonwillow So-Cal Junkyard Scabenger Hunt

    Inaugural 24 Hours of LeMons LA Scanbenger Hunt - click above for high-res gallery
    Last December the 24 Hours of LeMons hosted the inaugural Junkyard Scavenger Hunt, a.k.a. The Day the Infamy Stood Still. On Sunday, August 2, about 20 participants from the upcoming Buttonwillow Histrionics ...

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    Track Daze: Project 318is at Buttonwillow, Day One

    Imagine your perfect track day. A dozen cars, dry tarmac and absolutely zero loose nuts behind the wheel. That's been our experience so far at Buttonwillow. We've had the pleasure of being invited to a private track event organized by Jack Fried, co-creator of the Lotus Challenge Series and ...

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    Project Track Slut Update: Prepping for the big day days

    Click either image for a gallery.As I type this, our BMW 318is is up on the rack, sans transmission, to replace the clutch and all the assorted bits that go along with the job. The last-minute clutch work, along with fitting a set of Hawk HPS brake pads and replacing the brake fluid with Castrol ...

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    VIDEO: Driving the Mazda Furai concept at Buttonwillow

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mazda FuraiOf all the Nagare-themed concepts that Mazda has released over the past two years, one stands out. The Mazda Furai concept was unveiled this past January in Detroit and it walked away with our internal Best of Show award. Built around Mazda's ...

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    Video: Banks D-Max Type-R GMC race truck

    Okay... our love for rattling heavy-duty pickups notwithstanding, the idea of a Duramax-powered GMC race truck still seems odd, even though a half-year has passed since we first mentioned this monster. But with Audi's oil-burning R10 taking the checkered flag last month at Sebring, maybe Gale ...


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