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busta rhymes

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    Video: Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon rides again with Busta Rhymes

    Let's face it: there are few things less "gangsta" than a minivan (which goes a long way towards explaining why crossovers have been gradually taking their place as the family-hauler of choice across America, but we digress). The point here is not lost on Toyota, which has embraced the uncool ...

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    Over a Maybach...

    Kind of auto-related... particularly since Busta Rhymes loves his Maybach so much. He loves it so much, in fact, that he's willing to beat somebody over it. Busta could be in some deep doo-doo after kicking a teenager multiple times in the face. The teen, Roberto LeBron from New York, spit and ...

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    Woo-Hah! Busta Rhymes gives colorful commentary on Ferrari 360 crash

    **NOT SAFE FOR WORK** Rapper/actor Busta Rhymes takes a moment and kills time with a video camera while cops process a crash involving a Ferrari 360 spyder that's encroached on buddy's crib. Hear Busta's colorful commentary on the other onlookers around him, a run-down of the contents of his ...

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    Pimp my automaker? Urban marketing picks up speed in Detroit

    In the ongoing battle for street cred among younger buyers, Detroit continues to turn to its gritty urban landscapes for marketing inspiration. DaimlerChrysler's connection with the hip-hop world has been well-documented, resulting in everything from Snoop Dogg swingin' clubs with Lee Iacocca to ...


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