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Comes as Uber faces claims of stolen documents.

This as traffic fatalities are on the rise.

That means 14 percent of Americans don't, and with men, and in certain states, it's higher.

Automakers would no longer pay emissions testers, could face massive fines.

Bill would authorize vehicle spot checks and fines.

Ford said on Thursday it was hiring 400 engineers, mostly in Canada, to work on connectivity software and hardware, part of a wider push to meet demand for more connected cars. The 300 engineers in Canada and 100 in the United States will double the current size of the Detroit automaker's mobile connectivity engineering team. Ford also plans to establish a new research and engineering center in Ottawa. That's because t​​​​​​he majority of the hires will come from BlackBerry's shuttered phone ha

About 12,000 are currently in dealer inventory.

It's a relatively small portion of affected cars, but it's a start.

If the company can't secure funding at CES, it's over.

Tick, tock.

In February Lyft informed drivers it was removing the surge cap — but nobody told the riders. So much for disclosure.

Home Energy Storage System Likely To Be 'Major New Tesla Product Line'

Tesla's imminent big announcement appears to be stationary versions of its lithium-ion batteries for use in homes and businesses, set to be revealed on April 30.

Accusing a cross-town rival of influencing Chrysler to shut down its business so they could acquire the customers, Florida's Monarch Dodge has filed a civil suit against Massey-Yardley Dodge. The two Sunshine State dealerships will meet in court to determine whether Massey-Yardley Dodge contacted Monarch Dodge employees with job offers – before Chrysler LLC had announced its closure list. The suit alleges that Massey-Yardley and its "agents engaged in a campaign with agents of Chrysler LLC

Many analysts and commentators have seemingly been cheering for the imminent demise of the Detroit-based automakers. Something that needs to be realized amidst all this talk of low-interest loans and bailout money is how interconnected the auto industry is and how it affects our economy as a whole. Just like the global economy where the health of one country impacts all others, the same is true of the auto industry. It's been estimated that if General Motors fails, it will quickly cost the Unite

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Michael Schumacher, a veritable landmark in motor racing history, is to become an actual landmark.

Don't go getting too excited, it probably won't mean a crate version of the S65 or N54 for Roundel fans. Running an automaker is expensive, especially a manufacturer that leans more toward niche status than casting a wide net. BMW is looking at all options for future revenue, and one of the thoughts that's occured to the well-respected manufacturer of cars with chutzpah is to bank on its engineering chops and sell engines to other carmakers. Lotus has pimped themselves out for years to other aut

The ups and downs of the rumored Chrysler sale are a better soap opera than NASCAR.

Hyundai and Chrysler already share their 2.4 liter "world engine" (along with Mitsubishi), and they may share much more in the future. Rumors are trickling in from all quarters about potential suitors for Chrysler, should DCX decide to cut loose its American vessel, and Hyundai is the latest one to grab headlines. The main value in purchasing Chrysler, which is suffering from crippling pension and healthcare costs, geriatric factories and indifferent product, is the dealer network.

Changes are coming to the family as the Fiat automotive empire alters its structure to give several of its divisions more autonomy. While the Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat auto and Fiat light commercial vehicles have all been divisions within the same corporate hierarchy (not unlike the structure at its one-time potential partners at General Motors), each of those brands is now being spun off and individually incorporated.

The environment has lept into the spotlight over the last year in a way we haven't seen before. Global warming and green house gas emissions have moved beyond a theory to be a call to arms for governments, business and individuals alike. As we all know, transport has a huge impact on green house gas emissions like carbon dioxide. In the United Kingdom, a number of new polices have recently been introduced to tax transport and encourage the use of more fuel efficient means to move around. A major

Chevron announced Thursday it bought a 22 percent stake in a privately held Texas company that is building a biodiesel plant. The plant will be capable of delivering 100 million gallons of biodiesel a year when the facility is completed later this year. That 100 million gallon is probably a drop in the very large bucket that is the production capability of all of Chevron. Galveston Bay Biodiesel plans to produce the fuel from soybeans and other renewable feedstock and plans to sell the fuel pure

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