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    New DOT mobile app tells you how safe your bus is

    If you're an Autoblog reader, we suspect you probably prefer not to leave the driving to others – regardless of who they are. But even car nuts like us have occasion to take the bus every so often. The dog can be a cost-efficient way to go pick up a car you've spontaneously bought on eBay ...

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    Report: Canadian campaign bus livery causes pointed controversy

    Our neighbors to the north do scandal a little differently. According to The National Post and The Globe and Mail, political candidate Danielle Smith and her tour bus has aroused some controversy thanks to a pair of ill-placed wheels on her campaign wheels. Smith is campaigning in the Alberta ...

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    Video: Oh, Snap! Watch what happens when this bus slides through toll barrier

    It's common knowledge that buses fight dirty. Enter into fisticuffs with public transportation and you're likely to find yourself on the raw end of a well-aimed 2x4 plank. Just ask the pedestrian in the video after the jump. We're short on context with this one, but from the looks of things, the ...

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    Report: Man steals Greyhound bus to meet friend for Christmas

    Because there's no way to top this lede, we'll just have to quote the whole thing, from PEEKSKILL - A 39-year-old city man faces felony charges upstate after apparently not heeding Greyhound's slogan of "Leave the driving to us." Yep, that's right, the guy stole a bus. On ...

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    Report: DOT to push for new bus driver sleep regulations?

    How safe are busses? It's a good question, and one that the United States Department of Transportation is mulling over after revising work hour regulations for truckers and airline pilots earlier this month. Bus drivers are next on the list, as the USDOT is seeking public comment on allowable ...

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    Video: Detroit police impound Booty Lounge strip club on wheels

    Tailgating is an important part of going to see a sports event in person, and in the city of Detroit, that pastime also includes something called the Booty Lounge. The Booty Lounge is a low-rent strip-club on wheels, and it has been a somewhat shady part of the game-day experience in Detroit ...

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    Video: Lego to release VW Westfalia camper van model this fall

    Lego will pay tribute to the Volkswagen Westfalia camper with a new kit that goes on sale in October. The model is based on a 1962 Volkswagen Bus with the sought-after pop-top camper option. The interior even features a sink and dinette, along with the all important bench seat-cum-double ...

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    Video: GM Futurliner runs quarter mile like a Boss

    General Motors built the Futurliner to promote a traveling show called the "GM Parade of Progress" in the 1940s and '50s. The slippery-lined bus, which was penned by the legendary Harley Earl, is one of 12 that traveled the U.S. to show Americans the future of motoring and technology. GM ...

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    Video: Hairy t-bone crash leads to a most unlikely escape

    It appears to be pretty simple: the classic t-bone incident at an intersection, only this one involves buses. But that's not the spectacular part. What's most eye-popping is what happens after the crash. We won't spoil the surprise tucked into the video after the jump, but just watch for the bolt ...

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    Venezuela issues its first-ever driver's license suspension

    Venezuela might be seen as something of a hooner's paradise. Gas is free 12 cents per gallon, drivers' rights reign supreme, and traffic law enforcement is practically nonexistent. Maybe that's all changing, though. This week, Venezuela's national police chief, Luis Fernandez, held a press ...

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    London's new double-decker bus unveiled [w/video]

    London's new double-decker bus – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, was on hand at the London Transport Museum today to unveil his city's future of public transportation. A full-size mock-up of the bus was on display and the design is clearly a nod to ...

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    Video: Redneck Visionary bus jump something you don't see every day

    Yep. That's a bus in mid-air – Click above to watch video after the jump
    For all of the wonders that the internet has unleashed, it has also desensitized an entire generation. Once upon a time, we'd have been shocked to watch someone shove a nine iron into a blender, but thanks to the ...

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    Video: Sweden's Acme Advertising creates arresting green motorcoach marketing

    50 Cars or 1 Coach ad campaign in Sweden – Click above to watch video
    Sweden's Flygbussarna Airport Coaches asked Acne Advertising to make the case for travelers to take a coach to the airport instead of a car. Instead of leading with price, comfort, or ease, Acne went for hot air and green ...

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    Bentley does a double-decker bus for charity

    Luke, a London Routemaster bus retrofitted by Bentley for St Luke's hospice – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We haven't met anyone who works in the Bentley factory. (At least, this writer hasn't.) But we like them already. Because while workers at other assembly plants go on strike ...

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    VW Bus stolen 35 years ago returned in mint condition... to Allstate

    In 1974, this 1965 Volkswagen Type 2 (a.k.a. 'Bus') was stolen from Washington State. Fast-forward to October 19 of this year and custom agents at the Port of Los Angeles open up a container bound for Europe only to rediscover said van. Somehow, the Bus's VIN was still in the LAPD's stolen ...

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    VW Caravelle, California and Transporter get Golf nosejobs, head for Frankfurt

    Volkswagen Caravelle and Transporter - click above image for high-res gallery
    Some of us enthusiast types are still upset that Volkswagen never released the retro-futuristic new Bus first seen back in 2001. Looking backwards with 20-20 vision, perhaps the conceptual Bus was a little too slavish ...

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    VIDEO: Tight Fit: Japanese bus company makes the most of its parking lot

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    Here in the States, unless you live in a city like New York, Chicago or Boston, chances are that on any given day, parking isn't one of your bigger challenges. In smaller, more densely populated countries like Germany or the U.K., finding a spot can be a ...

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    Sail the (calm) seas in the Amphicoach Amphibious Tourist Bus

    Amphicoach Amphibious Touring Bus - Click above for a gallery
    Amphibious touring vehicles have been around for a while (the Bay Quackers in San Francisco comes to mind), offering vacationers a unique way to explore both the city and the waterways surrounding it. Amphicoach is taking it to the next ...

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    Daimler opens office in Baghdad, Iraq

    As a small step that could be considered a healthy vote of confidence in Iraq's return to stability, Mercedes has established a corporate representative office in Baghdad. Daimler set up shop in Erbil, Iraq last February, opening a training center that would get mechanics ready for coming Mercedes ...

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    Winners for 21st Century London bus contest include... Aston Martin?

    Click above to enlarge the winning designs for a 21st Century Routemaster bus
    The New Bus for London competition has come to an end. Two proposals were chosen from the large group of entrants by a series of judges, and the winners have just been announced by London Mayor Boris Johnson. The ...


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