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    Video: Chevy Camaro ZL1, Lexus LFA celebrate National Donut Day

    Happy National Donut Day, everyone! While some of us may have already celebrated this high-caloric holiday at our local Dunkin' Donuts or Tim Horton's, Chevrolet and Lexus have taken the opportunity to offer us delicious donuts of a different sort. Using a "professional donut maker" and a 2013 ...

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    Video: Exactly what you expect to happen in a movie theater parking lot at premier of Fast Five [NSFW]

    Books are made for reading, boots are made for walking and tires are meticulously engineered for burnouts. As you may or may not be aware, the latest chapter in the Fast and the Furious saga was released this weekend to the rejoicing of testosterone-soaked teenage crowds everywhere. Nowhere was ...

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    Videos: LS1-powered Suzuki Mighty Boy does insane snarly donuts

    The JDM kei-sized Suzuki Mighty Boy from the 1980s weighed about 1,100 pounds and typically packed no more than 30 horsepower. What happens, then, when the only extra weight you add to the mix are a pair of fat rear tires and a General Motors LS1 V8? A lot of smoky burnouts, that's for ...

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    VIDEO: GM's Chris Berube could school Clarkson on burnouts

    Click above to view videos from the latest Top Gear after the jump
    Top Gear is widely regarded as the best television show ever produced about cars. The production values are outstanding, the hosts are amusing and their tamed racing driver, "the Stig", is amazing to watch as he improves his mind ...


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