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    VIDEO: 2010 Mustang GT burnin' rubber

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    The 2010 Ford Mustang has been knocked for being a tad down on horsepower compared to its retro-new muscle car rivals. Nevertheless, if you have some tires at home that you hate, you can still shred them to smithereens in the 315-hp GT. Check out what real ...

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    VIDEO: Another Challenger SRT8 sending rubber to the afterlife

    Video posted after the jumpAhh, YouTube: the equivalent of morning cartoons for us grown-ups, only now we drink coffee with our Fruity Pebbles. The post title pretty much sums this up. As more people get their hands on SRT8 Dodge Challengers, more videos of wanton tire massacre will surface. ...

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    New York 2008: Hyundai Genesis Coupe burning rubber [w/VIDEO]

    New York 2008: Hyundai Genesis Coupe doing power slides var digg_url = ''; The 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is the new rear-driver that enthusiasts have been waiting for, and the automaker showed the assembled mass of media ...

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    VIDEO: Dodge Challenger romping in the desert

    Chrysler has released some video of the Challenger zooming around on some desert tarmac. We think that this video is from the same shoot that produced the teaser pics we all salivated over before the Challenger was officially unveiled. With that, on to the video, after the jump. Hit the gallery for ...

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    Lexus returns the favor to Audi in new ads

    Oh, what fun, a luxury sport sedan advertising smackdown. Lexus has returned a volley after Audi made a shot across their bow with a TV spot swiping at Lexus and implying that a self-parking car is for non-driving drivers. Like that kid in class who never knew quite how to shoot back a response, ...

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    VIDEO: Year One Bandit T/A in action! - UPDATED with latest version

    UPDATE: Our friends at Year One graciously hooked us up with the latest version of this video - embedded after the jump. "Bandit you're reckless and you live much too hard..." We feel a full-fledged late 1970s lovefest coming on soon. Not that it'd be any worse than the resurgence of 1980s pop ...

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    World's First: Lexus LS460 gets loose

    click on image to enlargeUpon perusing our October 2006 issue of Motor Trend, we ran across the mag's review of the new 2007 Lexus LS460 and a pair of pictures caught our eye. Before us on the printed page was a bright silver LS sedan doing a burnout and... (gulp) drifting! The Japanese luxury ...

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    VIDEO: Mustang GT-H burnout finally caught on tape

    Monday's contribution to Autoblog from the online treasure trove that is comes in the form of a civilian demonstration of the Shelby GT-H's burnout abilities. The 325-horse rental-only 'Stang certainly gets the job done, laying down an appropriately thick wall of smoke as the driver ...


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