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    Video: Watch NASCAR racer Brad Keselowski do a burnout... in a hotel conference room

    A vast majority of hotels frown upon smoking inside the building these days, but Brad Keselowski doesn't follow the rules. During his introduction at the 2013 MiilerCoors Distribution Convention, the reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup champion smoked the tires of his Miller-sponsored Ford Fusion stock ...

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    Video: Tesla Model S is emissions-free burnout machine after pulling fuses

    Add one more feather to the proverbial cap of the Tesla Model S. Road & Track West Coast Editor Jason Cammisa figured out how to make the electric luxury sedan extra frisky and then set about nuking the rear tires with electric-motor torque. "Holy hell there's a lot of torque here," Cammisa ...

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    Video: Viper burnout vid one for the ages

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    We love burnouts as much as the next guy, but lets face it: Not every clip of tires spinning on pavement is a thing of beauty. Some are too short, the camera is too shaky or perhaps the burnout is just a sloppy mess. Hey, it happens. But every now and ...


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